Cayenne saves lives

I have been hearing a lot of people having heart attacks and heart problems. And every time I hear these things, I immediately think: cayenne. Why? Because it has saved people when they have had a heart attack or have symptoms of a heart attack or heart or circulatory problems. My aunt has a family history of heart problems, which she inherited, and twice she was having heart attack symptoms and she took cayenne tincture mixed with water as soon as she noticed and continued taking it every 4 hours, she told us that she will go to her grave saying that cayenne saved her life twice. We use cayenne in a tincture form because it is the most potent form.
It is God's greatest herb! I took a health consultant course and I love to study herbs and natural remedies, because I believe that God has created something to heal or help every single disease that exists.
Cayenne primary function is helping the circulatory system. It softens the arteries, preventing them from hardening, prevents heart attacks and strokes, repairs the stomach, gets rid of the common cold quicker, etc.
For further credibility I will quote a doctor.
Doctor Richard Schulze: "If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other." (Taken from the book: Cancer Outside the Box)

Here is a link of a doctor's support of cayenne:

I also included a file of 13 pages, which covers the health benefits of cayenne.
If you know someone who has heart problems or circulatory problems please tell about cayenne it might save their life. Note: do not take cayenne if you are taking blood thinners because cayenne naturally thins the blood.


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You're welcome and thanks. That's right she does! I had some it tastes really good.
The French have the lowest amounts of heart attack and heart disease because they drink a glass of red wine every day. We learned about cayenne from Traditionalists Catholics.
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