Calling South Australians!


The push for increasingly extreme abortion laws continues: now in South Australia, where abortion could soon be legal up to birth.

A bill before the SA State Parliament, commissioned by Attorney-General Vickie Chapman and introduced by Minister Michelle Lensink, would radically liberalise SA’s abortion laws.

We know that most of our readers are not based in SA, but we’re conscious that most other Australian jurisdictions have now had similar debates.

The bill is being put forward under the guise of “decriminalisation” – a tactic previously used by abortion proponents in other states (such as Queensland and New South Wales).

At present, abortion in SA is an exemption under criminal law – that is, it’s illegal to take a human life except in the case of an abortion under set conditions.

Backers of “decriminalisation” frequently state that abortion is no different to any other health matter and want it treated as such.

Even if that were true (and it's not) decriminalisation is a cover for radical change.
  • The Termination of Pregnancy Bill would permit abortion for any reason up to 22 weeks and 6 days’ gestation – and beyond that (right up to birth) if two doctors agree it is “appropriate”.
  • Current requirements for hospital attendance by women seeking an abortion will be abandoned in an attempt to liberalise the use of do-it-at-home chemical abortions, e.g. RU486. (Proponents of the bill prefer the euphemism “telehealth”).
  • Health practitioners will also have their right to conscientious objection severely eroded. They will be required to participate in an abortion in cases of “emergency” and must at all times refer patients seeking an abortion to another health practitioner (in other words, making them a party to the act).
This list of concerns is far from exhaustive.

The bill was only introduced on Wednesday, but Minister Lensink has stated that she wants the upper house to pass it in coming weeks.
We don’t pretend for a moment that it will be easy to defeat this shocking new bill – but we believe it’s possible.
  • When Greens MLC Tammy Franks introduced a similar bill early last year, AFC supporters contacted MPs in large numbers, prompting a halt and an inquiry.
  • The next SA state election is only a little over a year away (19 March 2022). Parliamentarians will be more attuned to the concerns of their constituents than usual.
  • Many supporters took part in the Walk for Life earlier this year from Adelaide Oval to Parliament House, helping swell the crowd to some 3000-4000 people. For a smaller state, SA is punching above its weight.
So, how can you help?
If you’re in South Australia, please visit the following link to contact your MLCs and local MP.
If you’re in another state or territory, please share this link with your family or friends in SA.

If you’re so inclined, your prayers would also be greatly appreciated.

Radical social legislation has often been narrowly defeated in SA – sometimes by a single vote in the dead of the night.

We’re working to give the unborn a voice – and a fighting chance.

As always, we’re grateful for your support.

Kind regards,

The Australian Family Coalition team