Calling all Victorian Landowners, Tenants & Businesses


The Andrews Government has drafted the Local Government Act 2018 that has many draconian features about it.


  1. ALL local councils will become legitimised as "corporations" as representing "the third tier of government". Our Constitution does NOT allow for this to happen; nor is it appropriate for a corporation be be both a commercial profit-making enterprise and an arm of government.
  2. ALL Councils will be elevated to "Authority" status; meaning, they will become laws unto themselves.
  3. ALL councils will be able to make their own "Local Laws" (which are different to by-laws) and they will able to enforce them - even utilising the police when necessary.
  4. Councils will be required to bring community housing up to the standards specified in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target 2007. This means they will send "approved officers" to people's homes and businesses to produce a list of work required by the landowner to meet thesee targets for energy efficiency.
  5. If the landowner fails to complete the work within the given timespan, the council will then arrange for the work to be done. This could costs $$0,000's!
  6. Once completed, the council gives the landowner time to pay. If he/she cannot do that, then the land is ""transferred" to the council.
  7. The council will then determine "market value" of the property and after any mortgage costs, encumbrances, fees and fines are deducted, many people will not see much cash remaining from the value of their former home. They could also be looking for other accommodation too.
With already corrupt councils potentially being offered so much POWER to exercise over their ratepayers, it is believed that the laws they enact will be so totalitarian that no person will have any means to object to their decisions.

Fortunately, this Draft Bill is available for public comment.

Fortunately, this Draft Bill is available for public comment.

Put together is a Submission Template that exposes each council's illegitimacy (together with other issues) so assistance is being sought from those who own/lease or invest in property to contact their MP's and tell them to NOT support this Bill.

Larry Hannigan has kindly hosted a webpage about this matter; so I encourage you to visit the page and read it carefully, as it has extracts taken out of the proposed legislation to demonstrate how draconian this matter is.

More importantly, the webpage has a link where you can download a Submission template that I have created to assist people to make a submission. It should be emailed to the Victorian parliament and to ALL the politicians in each person's electorate. The purpose for doing this is to ensure that EVERY POLITICIAN in Victoria feels the heat from those in the communities they purport to represent - and that they should NOT allow this Bill to pass through the parliament, and that they will be held accountable.

For any voter to help prevent this Bill from becoming law, simply follow the steps below to ensure Victorians aren't harrassed in their homes by council inspectors and that they aren't forced to sell (or relinquish) their properties because of costs associated with the Victorian Energy Efficience Target 2007.

To be a participant in helping to stop this Bill:
  1. Click on the links above and to download the template. If you agree with what is read, type your name and address on the front of it.
  2. Send off the template document to your local member of parliament together with your 5 members in the Upper House, to let them know you are aware of this Bill and that you are not happy with it.
  3. Then follow-up the emails a day or two later with either a personal visit or at least a telephone call to see how your pollies are likely to vote on this issue. Keep pestering them until you get an answer.
  4. Also, send off a copy to the Government who are inviting submissions about this; as they need to receive thousands of submissions opposing this legislation from landowners, tenants and business people.
  5. Send a copy of this email to as many other Victorians on your Contacts list as you can - and urge them to implement the actions suggested above as soon as possible and BEFORE the 16th March.
  6. Read the attached file produced by Larry, as it describes the basis and the history of the events behind this Bill.
Quote from the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) 2007 legislation (page 48):

(4) The warrant must—
(a) authorise one or more authorised officers (whether or not named in the warrant), with any assistance and any force as is necessary and reasonable—
(i) to enter the premises; and (ii) to exercise the powers set out in section 48 in relation to the premises; and​
(b) state whether the entry is authorised to be made at any time of the day or during specified hours of the day; and
(c) specify the day (not more than 6 months after the issue of the warrant) on which the warrant ceases to have effect; and (d) state the purpose for which the warrant is issued.

If this Local Government Act 2018 Bill gets through the parliament unchallenged, then no Victorian landowner, tenant or business owner will be able to sleep at night because of fear that the authorised council officers and the police might come calling to gain access to their homes. THIS MATTER IS THAT SERIOUS!

  • After the land has been “transferred” to the council, many landowners and tenants will not only find themselves looking for rental accommodation, but will only receive “market value” as determined by a “valuer”(Clause 130) while the land remains with the council’s corporation as being the lawful owner [130 (8)].If councils use their new found “Authority” to implement ways to acquire owner-occupier or tenancy/occupier land, then a good question is — what do they do with the land and its improvements afterwards?
The Victorian government is inviting the public to comment on this legislation by allowing interested persons to make a submission.
To prevent this legislation becoming law, enough people (particularly Victorians) should ensure that their political representatives become aware that should this legislation be read in parliament and voted on, that they will be held accountable.

Affirmative Action
To enable this to happen, the Victorian public should take the following action:
  1. Download a copy of the Submission Template here.
  2. Submission Comments – Exposure Draft Bill
  3. Edit the document by typing in the name and address of the landowner and/or tenant in the box located on the front page.
  4. Email an electronic copy to the person’s:
  • Lower House member (1 person)
  • Upper House members (5 persons)
  • The Parliamentary submission website.
    1. Follow up these emails by arranging an appointment to visit the local member (Lower House) and as many Upper House members as possible. If these can’t be visited personally, they should be telephoned.
    2. When visiting or telephoning members, their position regarding this draft legislation should be determined — either supporting or opposing it.
  • If 1,000 or more Victorians were to undertake the above procedure, then the likelihood of the Bill being read and voted on in the parliament is very slim.
Spread the word!
Every person reading this needs to spread the word about this legislation to as many Victorians as possible. This can be done by:
  • Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.;
  • Emailing friends and family;
  • Contacting the media — local newspapers, TV stations via telephone or writing an article;
  • All other means possible.
Keep in contact! – Alan Manson – and
Visit this page from time to time to see if there is any news about how this campaign is progressing.

Act NOW!
Don’t wait to act on this as time is running out.



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