Bp. Williamson advises error; Dominicans condemn its error

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What a turbulent time. In many of Bishop Williamson's recent Eleison Comments, he continues to defend his position he made very public in a conference on June 28, 2015 advising others to go to the n.o. mass "if it nourishes your faith"; as with other unbelievable statements. Shown Bishop Williamson states Novus Ordo Mass is legitimate..

While an Avrille Dominican was present at that conference, and shown to be scandalized, the Dominican's came out days later and posted an article on their website to condemn such a claim. Shown here.

Now, with Bishop Williamson's Eleison Comments #426, September 12, 2015, "Defending" Maria Valtorta, which is on the Church's forbidden INDEX of books, the Dominican's had come out with a contra article condemning such a book to read -listing some of the errors and improprieties of this book. See here.

The question I have, when will the Dominicans condemn the foreign thinking of Bishop Williamson's "loose" independent ideas of no hierarchy and no authority for bishops, priests, and the faithful in this time of crisis?

When will the Dominicans recant their mixed position to fight and not to fight the neo-sspx when it suits them shown in their latest "The Friary’s position"? Shown Avrille Dominicans new Declaration.

When Doctrine is first, unity will be restored.



The Dominicans' of Avrille way of acting is the result of the disease of yellow lightism.

You apologize for their compromising so that we catch the same disease?

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