Bp Fellay unveils SSPX Prelature - March 3, 2017

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More of the icing without the cake.



[Note: This sermon was given by Bishop Fellay on March 3 during his visit to Poland. The video of the original sermon can be found here . Monsignor Fellay gave the sermon in Spanish and was translated into Polish by a priest. To make it easier for our readers to hear it, we have edited the video by removing the Polish translation. We started the video from the 13:36 minute, which is when he talks about relations with Rome. The subtitles have been put by us.]


There is a rumor that has circulated in recent days that has excited some, saying that the Fraternity is about to buy a church with a building, that the Pope (unintelligible) that the agreement with Rome is close. This news is false. It's rumors, rumors that move people, but we're going to see it: it 's true that we are looking for a church . We already have a little one, but too small, then we look for in Rome a church. This is true, but it is not this church. And the decision is in charge of the Congregation for the Religious . Because the building in which we are interested is a building that belongs to Sisters and so far, for two months, we expect a response that does not come. That for a point.


On the other, which is much more important, which is where we are in our relations with Rome. We can see two levels. A canonical level, that is, the structure that Rome prepares for us. And so, Rome wants to give us a structure that corresponds exactly to our reality . And what is our reality? We have priests, we have bishops, we have priests, we have priories, schools, seminaries, and what Rome wants to do is give us a structure that contains all that. Like a diocese. The name they want to give is personal prelature. But the reality is more than what is found in canon law or also in the only one that exists that is Opus Dei. Because Opus Dei is not entitled to a bishop. It is only for the good pleasure of the pope, he decides whether or not he will make a bishop's head. For us it is so, it is decided, it is written. This bishop ... it is we who choose three persons among the Fraternity and we present to the Pope so that he chooses one of the three. It is also foreseen that the other bishops of the Fraternity will be given auxiliary bishops in this Prelature . And everything that exists now will be recognized all over the world. And the faithful too! They will be in this prelature with the right to receive the sacraments and teachings of the priests of the Fraternity. And it will also be possible to receive religious congregations, as in the diocese: Capuchins, Benedictines, Benedictines, and all others, Carmelites, all. This is a Christian reality that is not under the bishops. It is autonomous. Then really something very important.


But there is something more important than that and it is the doctrine, the discipline, and knowing that we are in conflict these fifty years because of this council and the consequences of this Second Vatican Council. And we have always said, that if they want to recognize us, they need to accept us as we are. That is, without forcing us to accept these things of the council that are bad. And here is also something very interesting. Since, we can say two years and something, there is a very important change not in everything, but in the Congregation of faith . This congregation of faith is with whom we speak. And they tell us now "you are not obliged to accept religious freedom, ecumenism, the new Mass; You can maintain your position, because these points of the council are not so important that whoever rejects them would not be Catholic. You may not agree with the council and stand as Catholics. " This is very important, so far they have always said "you need to accept everything". And these last years, in the discussions we had with the bishops sent by Rome, they have told us "these questions are open questions".


One must ask: why have they changed? I give my opinion: It seems to me that the reason for this change of attitude comes from the seriousness of the current situation of the Church. It is a contrast. So they treat us better because the Church is doing poorly . They see bad things in the Church. And they are forced to recognize what we do and do not like them, but that is not at the same level as what we defend ourselves is Catholic.

For example, the last time I met Cardinal Müller, who is the prefect of the Commission of the Faith, he told me "we-those of the commission of the faith- we expect you to enter the Church - we are already of the Church - we are waiting for them to help us fight the modernists. " They are very upset with all the heresies that pass now and look upon us as an aid to combat these heresies. But this is only a Congregation, very important but it is the Congregation of the faith. But at the same time, others, other dicasteries of Rome think differently. For example the congregation of religious consider us as schismatics. And the pope says "no, they're Catholic". It's chaos.

Then there is much contradiction and you see, there is a battle between the bishops, among the cardinals, this is a new situation. We are accustomed to see us on one side and Rome on the other. We Catholic conservatives, the other modernists. But now the situation changes. Rome is no longer one, it is divided. And in such a way that some see that things have gone too far. And they say "you have to do something, you have to resist".

And also at this moment, for two years now, I have received messages from bishops who tell me "you do not change, do not change, resist!" Few dare say it in public but there are others. I am visiting bishops and a certain number, really quite a few who tell me, who agree with us.
One wrote to me "we are many in the hierarchy that we think like you". Speaking of religious freedom, ecumenism, de Nostra aetate. I found an archbishop who told me: I have discovered the traditional mass with Pope Benedict, before, it was totally modern. But now I see that the new Mass has touched the substance of the rite.

Another Archbishop has told me "I have a generation of priests that I have lost, I can not do anything. Then I work on the formation of new priests. " And it has two principles: for theology: St. Thomas, the Sum of St. Thomas. And for spirituality, the traditional mass. These bishops want the priests of the dioceses to teach the traditional mass. They are few compared to the others. But the number grows. And this is something that is not seen but exists.

There is a whole work of renewal of the Church that has begun. It takes a lot of time, of course, come from modernism then you have to change everything, it takes a long time. There are others who speak, who resist, we are not alone. But when I say this, it does not mean that we go forward, we must go with great prudence and also secure our future to be able to prevent any possibility of cheating. And then we are not running in this situation. This is how God works.


And here is also a surprise that is the pope. When Pope Francis was elected, I was certain that he would excommunicate us. And I was already preparing the people to receive the coup. A pope who does not care for doctrine, who looks at people, men and who has known us in Argentina. And he appreciated our work in Argentina. And that's why he sees us with a good disposition at the very moment that he is against conservatism. Like a contradiction. But I have been able to verify several times that yes, it does personally things for us.

Cardinal Müller, at the beginning of the pontificate, presented the pope with our excommunication.
He said: only the date and signature are missing. And it's the pope who said "no, because they're Catholic, it's really all the other way around. And we see here how Divine Providence conducts things, we look at things very carefully and at the same time he gives us the power to confess and also now the permission to order our priests without asking the bishops permission.

He has also helped us in Argentina. (…) Why does he do this? And why do not you act like most people? Most people have principles, doctrine, and act according to principles, it is said that it is a man of principles, and this is true for the good, the Catholics, and for the communists, who follow the communist ideology, and act according to The principles of communism. This pope does not act like that. That is why it is very difficult to understand what happens. What makes you act is your relationship to people. So if you like a person you will do well to it. And thanks to these relations of Argentina, now it continues like this. He has twice read Monsignor Lefebvre's book. And he said to our Father: "They were harsh with you."

You have to understand that, it's difficult, it's complicated. So at the very moment that he has caused chaos in the Church, especially when he does not want to give clarity to moral issues, at the same time he continues to do good to us. Of course it is a delicate situation but we must take advantage of things to the maximum, that is, to advance the cause of Tradition in the Church for the future.

So whether or not we are going to get an upcoming reconnaissance, I do not know, I do not think so, but the pope can make a surprise that seems impossible but he has already done it several times.
Then we must continue to pray a lot, to ask our Protectora María Santísima to continue to lead us. But really what we said is great, it is seen that the Hand of God protects us through all these grave dangers. If it has led us so far, why think that now lets us fall? (...)

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Notice how Bishop Fellay did not preface "As we are" by stating he already accepted and agreed to:
  • The new and entire 1983 Code of Canon law.
  • The new Profession of faith by Vatican II.
  • The legitimacy of the novus ordo "ordinary mass".
  • "Lumen Gentium" of the Second Vatican Council [in part is to whole].
  • "95% acceptance" of Vatican II.
  • Vatican II “deepens” and “enlightens” certain aspects of Church doctrine.
  • “Religious Liberty of the Council is limited”.
  • “The errors of the Council are not really from the Council but from the general interpretation of it.”
  • Vatican II Council is only “tainted with errors”.
But all's good...because they can "convert" the modernists inside the conciliar church through the modernist doctrines.

Bishop Fellay created a new motto - "To depart from Eternal Rome and rebuild the conciliar church despite Eternal Rome."

The hoax of the personal prelature is to:
  • Bury the SSPX and the work of Archbishop Lefebvre.
  • The legal transformation of the SSPX into a conciliar work.
  • Use it as a platform to promote the conciliar revolution.
  • Stop the fight of Catholic Tradition; the enemy of modernism.
There is no respect when God is not respected.
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It is amazing how Bishop Fellay will speak and then contradicts himself - over and over.
How can such a one be trusted? Why would anyone want to trust him? These are souls at stake, not crop of vegetables. Souls - that will be annihilated in the modernist Conciliar Church. Where is his concern for these, rather then the overwhelming concern - of how the world sees the SSPX. The n-SSPX has become one of those sad people who are so desperate for friends they will do anything, give up anything, just for being included in a group. Bottom line - its a weakness of character. And this is inexcusable in traditional Catholic priests and bishops who are supposed to love God and the Truth above all else.