Blow back: U.S. gov't gets what it hands out.


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Here is an ironic piece of news.

The U.S. government is caught allowing Ebola to have a Patent number. See here: Ebola: Patented by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

The U.S. government uses the Ebola disease as a False-flag event to steal the resources of other nations. See here: More oil wars: U.S. sends troops to fight "ebola" in Africa

The U.S. government has planned for this pandemic to be on the shores of the U.S. itself in order to disrupt the economy and take over with marshal law for a new Federalist world order. See here: Ebola and the Planned Control of People.

Now, the U.S. government is getting its own "medicine". See here:

What a Divine comedy!

Justice will always mete who is against His Christ...
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