Bishops and President Proclaim Jesus Christ King of Poland

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The Catholic Bishops of Poland together with President Andrzei Duda proclaimed Jesus Christ as King of Poland Saturday and called upon him to rule over their nation, its people, and their political leaders.

During the enthronement ceremony, the clergy and the congregation asked Jesus forgiveness for their sins “and in particular for turning away from the holy faith, for lack of love for you and others.”

“We renounce the devil and all his works,” they said.

The congregation also asked divine assistance for their rulers, including President Duda.

“We entrust to you the Polish people and Polish leaders,” they said. “Let them exercise their power fairly and in accordance with Your laws.”

“Rule us, Christ! Reign in our homeland and reign in every nation — for the greater glory of the Most Holy Trinity and the salvation of mankind,” they said.

Yes, too bad it's under the N.O. Never the less, it is an excellent example of Catholic action to make this national public profession of faith.