Bishop Williamson: traditionalism or "conservatism"


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Fr. Hewko presented an excellent article on Ambiguous Language - The Devil's Quicksand which can also be shown in exposition applied to the false-resistance using the same outlined principles. In which, there are proven five years of pages and pages of ambiguous language from Bishop Williamson and his unofficial press secretaries who feverishly try to "interpret" his ambiguous language with "clarification after clarification" into some coherent relationship to the perennial teaching to the Church expounded by Archbishop Lefebvre resulting with more obfuscation. Yet, Bishop Williamson was a seminary rector and professor over 25 years and was trained, like Bishop Fellay, in the detection and arts of modernism to combat it and teach the seminarians; not to align and identify with it.

"It is on the battlefield of Doctrine that the battles are won or lost, and what decides the future," said the great Cardinal Pie of Poitiers. This is about Doctrine. The battle with Bishop Williamson (the false-resistance) promoting the foundation that the conciliar church is still catholic we must favorably respond to the "good" parts of it and be careful of the bad parts of it because "it is dangerous", and as a whole, "it is wrong to reject the conciliar church completely" maintaining and communicating with Bishop Fellay the belief that the conciliar church IS the Catholic Church while saying the N.O. religion has the "true faith" within it and can be interpreted among the false articles if a N.O. priest says the NOM "worthy - decently - and reverently" you can actively go to it, is against everything we have stood for in the last 40-years specifically in this combat for the faith.

This "conservatism" to the conciliar church is clearly distinguished in the following words of Bishop Williamson:

"Therefore the NOM and the Novus Ordo Church as a whole are dangerous for the Faith, and Catholics are right who have clung to Tradition to avoid the danger. But as they have had to put a distance between themselves and the mainstream Church, so they have exposed themselves to the opposite danger of an isolation leading to a sectarian and even pharisaical spirit, disconnected from reality.(Bp. Williamson, ‘Eleison Comments’ #438, 5th December 2015)

“There’s still something Catholic in the conciliar church, so it’s wrong for us to reject it completely.” (Bp. Williamson, Eleison Comments #447, February 6, 2016)

“[T]here is still faith in the Newchurch.” (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments #445, January 23, 2016).

The Catholic faith does not have anything "dangerous within it", if it does, it is NOT catholic. Simple! The Catholic faith does not need to be re-explained or re-interpreted. Archbishop Lefebvre left us with volumes of solid doctrine and ammunition handed down from the giants of the Church God provided over 6,000 years of human history.

There will always be weeds among us says our Lord.

"The Holy Ghost relegates the state of confusion to the enemies of God "who loveth and maketh a lie" as a punishment for obstinately refusing the Light of the Truth." (Apoc. XXI: ).

"And the Light shineth in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it". (St. Jn. I:5)

"When the Divine Saviour stood surrounded by the pharasaical pack of wolves as they tried to catch Him in His speech, Our Lord answered them, "If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe Me?...I speak to you, and you believe not: the works that I do in the name of My Father, they give testimony of Me. But you do not believe, because you are not of My sheep" (St. Jn. X:25). St. Paul calls Our Lord "Splendor Gloriae"; The Brightness of the Father's Glory" (Heb. I:3) in Whom "there is no change, nor shadow of alteration, nor confusion." (Fr. Hewko, May 2013).​

"Conservatism" has no place on Catholic altars; only in ecumenical circles.

It is clear this is a battle of doctrine.


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