Bishop Williamson Dec 31 2013 Goa



This is a very powerful sermon. Here are some paragraphs from around the 9:00-10:50 minute mark.


"..But one thing is certain, that if you do persevere in the True Faith, if you persevere with the True Mass, with the true Sacraments like today, you will have a very fine reward in Heaven; because the more difficult it is to live like a Catholic in a corrupt world, the more God will reward – it stands to reason – the more it will deserve a reward to stay with God, and to TURN OUR BACKS on the world, the flesh and the devil.

"So have plenty of courage, my dear friends, this life doesn’t last long. Even if it lasts for 70, 90 or a hundred years, it’s still not long. It’s nothing, almost nothing, compared with eternity. And yet, the whole of eternity, the whole of eternity which never, never, never ends, whether it’s in Heaven or in hell, the WHOLE of eternity depends upon this little life, and how we live this life and whether we die in the grace or in the disgrace of God."

End of quote