Bernie's July Update


21st July, 2015

Hi Kathleen

I write this email to provide you with a quick update on my legal battles against serial homosexual litigant and anti-free speech activist, Gary Burns, and the Australian Defence Force. I also include two quick action items that you can do today to help defend Australia's culture, values and heritage.

Halal certification inquiry
The Senate is currently holding an inquiry into halal certification and food labelling. And so it should. More than 95% of chicken meat in this country is sacrificed to the Islamic god, Allah.
Now Canberra is providing us with a rare opportunity to have our say about what is effectively an Islamic tax that funds imams, mosques and Islamic schools from your grocery bill.
Submissions must be lodged by 31 July, 2015

- To lodge a submission, click here.
- To sign my comprehensive 87 page report, click here.

Defend marriage
As you know, there is a full-frontal onslaught against marriage. This attack seeks to completely destroy our concept of family and it will open up other attacks as well. Already some homosexual activists are making suggestions that will inevitably result in the legal recognition of Sharia law marriage and polygamy.

We should not be losing this debate. Even the majority of ‘progressives’ do not see this issue as important, as demonstrated by the fact that GetUP! supporters rated ‘marriage equality’ last on their list of concerns.

The fact that it appears we are losing the debate speaks volumes about an aggressive agenda within the media and the tenacity of homosexual activists. We need to be just as tenacious in our defence of marriage.

- To support the Australian Christian Lobby’s campaign, click here.
- To support the Australian Marriage Forum’s campaign, click here.
- To support the Australian Family Association's campaign, click here.

Legal Update
My legal action against the Chief of the Defence Force for terminating my commission for upholding Defence policies continues in the Federal Court. There will be a procedural hearing this week and the case may be heard in August.

I still also face numerous complaints from Gary Burns. There was supposed to be a hearing in June but it was postponed and this matter is now set to be heard in the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal on 4 September, 2015.

I truly believe that this case will have profound public interest ramifications. My legal team has laid solid foundations to overturn the entire anti-discrimination apparatus in New South Wales. In April, we were able to win an appeal that overturned a decision that Gary Burns’ complaints against me weren’t vexatious. And in May, the Deputy President of the Tribunal was recused from a hearing into another matter involving Gary Burns due to issues of bias.

I am hopeful that we will not only be able to defeat Gary Burns, but to shine a much needed spotlight on the operation of the Anti-Discrimination Board and Tribunal as well.

A new addition
My wife and I were proud to welcome our sixth son to the world on 3 July. Both he and Elle are doing very well. The sole concern came from our only daughter who objected strongly to another boy. However, our little princess is now very happy mothering her little brother.