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The Friary’s position

July 2015


  • The position of the Friary has not changed since the foundation of our
    community, that is, we continue the combat for the Faith summarized
    perfectly by the Doctrinal Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre of
    November 21, 1974.
  • More precisely, we hold the principle which has been the one of the
    Society from 1988 to 2012, and which was still clearly maintained in the
    General Chapter of 2006:
    “The contacts that the Society continues occasionally with Roman
    authorities have for their only end to help these authorities to
    reappropriate the Tradition that the Church cannot repudiate without
    losing her identity, and not the search for an advantage for ourselves,
    or to come to an impossible and purely practical agreement. The day when
    Tradition will once again regain all its rights, “the problem of our
    reconciliation will have no further reason to exist and the Church will
    experience a new youth”. [1]
  • We support therefore all the priests still in the SSPX who, not without
    difficulty, continue the good fight in this spirit. By the grace of God,
    there are a good number of them, especially in the French District of
    the Society. The Appeal to the faithful of January 2014 was not a
    declaration of rupture with the SSPX, but a “public testimony of our
    firm and faithful attachment to the principles that always guided
    Archbishop Lefebvre in the combat for the Faith”.
  • If there are priests outside of the Society who, clearly and without
    ambiguity, continue the combat of Archbishop Lefebvre, there is no
    reason not to support them. To support them does not mean “taking sides”
    for one Society against another. We have no intention to do anything
    “against” the Society, and do not wish its collapse : nobody wants that.
  • A suggestion for those who want to remain faithful to the combat of
    Archbishop Lefebvre: to the word “resistance”, we prefer the expression
    “combat for the faith”, not only because one does not define oneself by
    something negative; but because this expression exists since the
    beginning of Tradition, and includes all those who faithfully continue
    the combat of Archbishop Lefebvre, no matter what organization they
    belong to.
[1]. Abp. Lefebvre, Letter to Pope Jean Paul II, 2 June 1988.

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Ouch...this is a huge compromise and a cog in the wheel for them.

Their new Declaration is riddled with contradictions. One cannot say they have not changed in support of ABL's position of non-compromise and then say that they are not “taking sides” for one Society [of ABL's] against another [conciliar-sspx]. That is absurd; it is two different ideologies and essentially two different religions!

And then their new Declaration follows to say, in line of the same compromise: "We have no intention to do anything “against” the [conciliar] Society, and do not wish its collapse : nobody wants that." We are talking about the errors of modernism within the structures of the neo-sspx that they desire to pursue and ferment. To support ABL position is to directly go "against" the errors within the conciliar-sspx. That statement of the Dominicans can only mean that they are nuancing and separating the conciliar-sspx thought from the 'institution' of the conciliar-sspx; you can't. They are in representation as one and the same.

For the same reason that the 'internal' priests cannot say that they resist the errors within when they do not act nor say anything to the contrary; there is nothing but silence and betrayals. For one to stay within an organization or an institution they say that they do not agree with, and the Faith and salvation of souls is at stake, all the while publicly representing them in their errors in full capacity, is hypocritical and a mirage. The 'internal' resistance was publicly and successfully squashed by Menzingen; and still continues monitoring such with a heavy hand.

The message and essence of their new Declaration only divides and ferments discord; sad as it is. It serves to blur the lines and put incense on weakness rather than on distinctions and absolutes.


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I need to ask a few other questions:

  • What changed or event happened in the Avrille Dominican thinking since their stout Appeal of January 2015, which prompted the neo-sspx District superior Fr. Bouchacourt to write an French District Superior attacks the Dominicans of Avrillé and attack them with unfair and unfounded contents, to present?
  • In effect, this new declaration is obviously in response to that neo-sspx article, and instead of pointing out Fr. Bouchacourt's errors, the Dominicans implicitly and explicitly let that flagrant sspx article stand on a "moral ground" against them; while in an artificial humility, the Dominicans flog themselves to be a waiter at a trad-cumenism table to move the goal posts and serve platters of compromise to everyone rather than to be the torch in their dog mascot's mouth of burning with truth. Thus they now give to us (July 2015) a new declaration that plays a different tone with a watered down version of their previous declaration. So what changed?
  • The Dominicans state that their position and Appeal of Jan 2015 was NOT a 'rupture' with the conciliar-sspx, but a “public testimony of our firm and faithful attachment to the principles that always guided Archbishop Lefebvre in the combat for the Faith”. Then what were the Dominicans doing running around the U.S. a few months ago giving conferences about the foreign and modernistic thoughts, workings, and deceits of the conciliar-sspx aggressively joining Rome; which was the very cause that split their community in two?
  • Is this another result and effect of the "loose independent model" of thinking going on in Europe?
  • Can we put away these childish games of putting incense on personalities and go back to looking at the reasons and cause of this devastating crisis; which is the loss of Doctrinal understanding and fidelity?
Vatican II was designed to apostate souls; and it continues to do so, one compromise at a time.

St. Dominic pray for us...



Vatican II was designed to apostate souls; and it continues to do so, one compromise at a time.
St Dominic pray for us... Machabees

Many do not like the MHFM website - but take a look at this letter written to it:

Traditional’ Parish

Subject: ‘Traditional’ Parish in Detroit

There are 2 very old Polish churches, and 1 very old German church, in Detroit, that had clustered into one "parish".

This "parish" is by far the most "traditional" in the Archdiocese of Detroit. They have "Tridentine Masses" there, choirs who perform classical and "Traditional" music, etc.

I was under the impression that people who would attend such a parish -- even though part of the heretical Vatican II sect -- would probably still tend to be of a more "conservative" bent, rejecting homosexual "marriage", etc.

I was wrong. Browsing their facebook page, I could not believe some of the comments left there. A number of the parishioners openly advocate all kinds of wild heresies and evils (e.g. total separation of Church and State, errors about marriage and matrimony, and even open support for "gay marriage", along with mocking those who oppose it as being "homophobic.")

So, it now appears that even some in the "conservative" and "traditional" wing of the Vatican II sect are openly embracing homosexual "marriage", as well as countless other similar evils.

With each passing day, it seems that the entire Vatican II sect becomes more heretical, more apostate, and more evil.

As awful and evil as it is, it's truly amazing.

This really is the Whore of Babylon, right before our very eyes.