Assisted suicide lobby call for ‘teledeath’ remote euthanasia during pandemic


Pro-abortion bodies are exploiting the Coronavirus crisis in a bid to further an extreme pro-abortion agenda. Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: “The opportunistic advances now being made by the shameless pro-abortion lobby, during a time of fear, suffering and hardship for so many, exposes just how debased the pro-abortion ideology is.”

The EU travel ban, which is placing stringent travel restrictions across Europe in order to combat COVID-19, has encouraged pro-abortion bodies to call for “telemedicine abortion.”

Telemedicine abortion would see women and girls obtain abortion drugs via Skype or Facetime instead of meeting with their doctor, and then perform their own DIY abortion at home. This would involve self-administering lethal abortion drugs with no medical supervision or care.

These calls have been made by the pro-abortion bodies, Alliance for Choice, Abortion Rights Campaign and Abortion Support Network which claim to be “concerned” over the disruption that travel restrictions could cause to abortion procedures.

Incidentally, telemedicine abortion was recently proposed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2019, as reported by SPUC who slammed the proposal as “playing fast and loose with women’s health.”

“Scrambling To Exploit A Crisis”
Mr Robinson of SPUC said: “The pro-abortion lobby appears to be scrambling to exploit the current Coronavirus crisis. They are disregarding the genuine fear of so many people and are treating this crisis as an opportunity to further their pro-abortion agenda.

“This national crisis is a time to ensure that as many lives as possible are saved, not to be plotting to kill even more innocent children in their mothers’ wombs.”