Archbishop Viganò Criticises Francis’ “Last Dogma”



Archbishop Viganò Criticises Francis’ “Last Dogma”​

In his latest role, Francis has morphed into a “sponsors of pharmaceutical companies” and “strong supporter of vaccines,” Archbishop Viganò writes on (January 15).

Viganò would have expected from Francis “a minimum of prudence” regarding the vaccine’s unknown effects, instead, “the only dogma Bergoglio is unwilling to renounce is that of compulsory vaccination.”

Thus, Francis shows a “unshakable faith in a 'science' that borders on esotericism and superstition,” Viganò writes.

He observes that Francis shelves the revealed truth in the name of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue, while proclaiming “the initiatory rite of vaccination” and “the Covid-19 dogmas.”

“The only role he stubbornly refuses to fulfil is that of Vicar of Christ,” Viganò concludes.



Francis Doesn’t Consider Himself a True Pope

The 2020 Pontifical Yearbook made it official that Francis is not “pope” the way his predecessors were pope.

Last year’s Yearbook still presented Jorge Mario Bergoglio as:

Vicar of Jesus Christ​
Successor of the Prince of the Apostles​
Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church​
Primate of Italy​
Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Province of Rome​
Sovereign of the Vatican City State​
Servant of the Servants of God​

Now, Bergoglios first and only title is “Jorge Mario Bergoglio.” This name is followed by his biography which occupies two-thirds of the page.

The real titles of a true Pope are now only mentioned in small print after the biography under the header "Historic titles" (“Titoli storici”).

With this, the Vatican confirms that the pope as the successor of Saint Peter has become a phenomenon of the past, while Bergoglio, as a "pope," is celebrating himself.

Already Benedict XVI fiddled around with the titles of the Roman Pontiff when, in March 2006, without a good reason, he got rid of the title “Patriarch of the West.

Comment: This does not mean that the Chair of Peter is vacant.