Archbishop Lefebvre - prophetic?


We are going, at the moment, towards a socialization which apparently for us, does not seem as hard as the one of communism but which, in the end, will be simply an image of communism, but realized by scientific means instead of being realized by force.

On August 22, 1979, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre gave a conference in Shawinigan, Quebec.

We have extracted this passage which seems almost like a prophecy, so much so that it announces, more than forty years in advance, the situation that we know.
Let us recall that in 1979 computers were in their infancy, we were at the very first desktop computers.

The Internet did not exist, nor of course the 5G.

We were still in the middle of the Cold War, communism was in the East.

One can think that on this 22nd of August, feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Blessed Virgin gave Archbishop Lefebvre an intuition of what would happen if the popes persisted in not fulfilling his Fatima requests, notably the devotion to the first five Saturdays of the month and the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

And the popes were obstinate...
So: "Soon we'll be registered with computers, we'll all have our number and we won't be able to do anything without everything being indicated on the card we'll have, and all this by computer. We will be in a worse situation than in a Soviet country. »

Words of Archbishop Lefebvre:

But what also legitimizes our fear is to think that by this degradation of the Church, this degradation of ideas even in the Church, ideas, because it is liberal ideas that penetrate inside the Church, ideas that are ultimately Masonic that penetrate inside the Church, which was still the bastion that resisted. Now that the enemy has penetrated to the highest heights of the Church, as Our Lady of Fatima said, as predicted by Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of La Salette, at the same time the whole social edifice is leaving, because the Church, through its principles, still supported, I would say, true freedom. The freedom to fulfill our duty. That's it. Why do we have freedom? To fulfill our duty. Because we have the duty to love God and to love our neighbor and therefore to fulfill our duty, our duty to God in religion and our duty to our neighbor by the functions we have; social functions whatever they may be. We have to fulfill our duty of state.

Now, we are less and less able to fulfill our duty of state, both religious and social, because everything is becoming directed and oriented by a socialist state. Socialism is making considerable progress; but this is with all the power of the present Masonry which is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere; which is in Rome, which is everywhere. Masonry is everywhere and directs everything. Soon we will be registered with computers, we will all have our number and we will not be able to do anything else without everything being indicated on the card we will have, and all this by computer. We will be in a worse situation than in a Soviet country. We will say that they are free countries, but they are not free countries: we will no longer be free to do anything. One can imagine, it's absolutely unheard of.

The constitution also of the European government is very serious and very dangerous, because it is a government that is full of Masons, and therefore, they are going to apply now to Europe, in a global way, all the Masonic principles. They went so far as to say this, for the European government, that, obviously, they proclaim human rights, they proclaim the rights of women. If women have equal rights with men, well, we do not have the right not to give women the authorization to be priests. So we are going to prosecute the bishops who do not want to ordain women, because women have the same rights as men. It's possible, it was put in the newspapers, it was put in the newspapers; that we were going to get to things like that, under the pretext of rights, of equal rights.

It's appalling, we can't imagine what we're going towards now, towards a socialization that, apparently for us, doesn't seem as hard as that of communism, but in the end, it's going to be just an image of communism, but realized by scientific means instead of being realized by force, as the communists did, it will be the same thing.

Then all those who do not want to submit to this order will be eliminated from society. To this socialist order. They will be eliminated. There will always be a way to eliminate them. Now we are eliminating the children who are in the way, soon we will eliminate the old people. Soon the old people will also pass away; and afterwards, it is not difficult to give an injection or to do something to someone who is sick, who is annoying; they will make him disappear. They will be made to disappear from society under the pretext that they are embarrassing. They can't get the standards that are in place to deal with them. We are really moving towards a dreadful society, which claims to be free and which will no longer have any freedom, but no freedom at all.