Affront Against the Immemorial Mass of Cardinal Burke


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Abbot Primate of Klosterneuberg's Affront Against the Immemorial Mass and Cardinal Burke

(Left) Cardinal Burke Celebrating Mass of All Ages in St. Peter's Last Saturday

(Vienna) The Votive Mass in the Traditional Rite with Cardinal Raymond Burke announced for November 5th, in the parish church of St. Leopold in Vienna Danube field-Floridsdorf was canceled.

Cardinal Burke will, as advertised, celebrate a Pontifical Mass in the Old Rite on November 4th, for the Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo in the Church of St. Charles. The Immemorial Mass also announced for his stay in Vienna, the Votive Mass of the Apostles Peter and Paul, however, was canceled (see report 5:11 See Here)

Rejection of the Traditional Rite and Aftermath of the Synod of Bishops?

Reasons for the rejection are not known, but they could have something to do with the traditional Rite and aftermath of the Synod of Bishops on the family. The parish of St. Leopold Donaufeld is incorporated to the Augustinian Canons of Klosterneuburg. The Klosterneuburger Provost, Bernhard Backovsky is cited, who is, as is well known, the current parish administrator and choir master of the Stift St. Leopold, forbade the celebration.

Bernhard Backovsky was elected in 1995 as the 66th Provost and 17th Lateran Abbot of the Stift. In 2002 he was elected Abbot General of the Austrian Augustinian Congregation of Canons. Since 2010 he has also been Abbot Primate of all Augustinian canons in the world.

What about "Open Discussion" and the "Full Peace of the Church" for the Usus Antiquus?

The prohibition by Abbot Primate Backovsky must be construed as an affront of rare hardness toward to the traditional Rite and one of the leading representatives of the Church. An unfriendly manner behind which are visible the veiled fractures within the Catholic Church in Austria. This demonstrates the inability obey, and to accept the traditional Rite and respect the opinions of others. Cardinal Burke and Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn stood at opposite position in the Synod of Bishops. A ban on the Mass in the Old Rite is harsh paternalism to others, first of all, the celebrant, but also the faithful who want this.
The unpleasant incident raises questions about just how valid is this "open discussion", which Pope Francis advocated several times for the Synod of Bishops. And how is confirms the hope that Emeritus Benedict XVI. gave in his greeting message last Saturday: "I am very happy that the Usus antiquus now lives in full peace in the Church, even among the young, also supported and celebrated by great cardinals. "