ADF promoting SMM organisations



Dear .........
On 23 September, Defence will sponsor a dinner for DEFGLIS.

DEFGLIS has campaigned for homosexual marriage since 2012. It has also lobbied parliament to remove laws that provide freedoms for religious organisations.

If DEFGLIS gets its way, every private school in Australia will be required to implement the 'Safe Schools' program, which includes having children in year 7 role-play being in a same-sex relationship.

It is completely unacceptable that our taxpayer funds will be diverted to groups supporting the 'Yes' campaign via the Australian Defence Force.

It is completely unacceptable that Defence has no shame in supporting pro-homosexual marriage organisations during the marriage debate.

Defence should focus on defending all Australians, not taking sides in the political campaign to redefine marriage.

I have launched a petition calling on the Minister for Defence to stop Defence support and funding of DEFGLIS. The petition is also going to the Shadow Defence Minister and Senator Cory Bernardi from the Australian Conservatives.


Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Christus Rex!


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