Abortion Bill passed




This morning, the NSW Parliament passed the abortion bill – a terrible event that should cause all Australians to pause for reflection.

The bill passed despite a phenomenal effort to give voice to the voiceless unborn.

In terms of AFC supporters alone, a massive 7368 people used our online system in just a few weeks to email their local MP and upper house MLCs.
As Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party MLC Mark Banasiak told a recent rally:

“You broke the system in parliament. It crashed.”
What an effort. And this doesn’t count the phone calls, the long vigils outside parliament, or those who joined forces with many other organisations and churches for mass rallies in Martin Place and Hyde Park.

The question many will be asking now – as with the 2017 marriage campaign – is: “was it worth the effort?”

And the answer? It must be a resounding “yes”.
  • Many thousands of people, previously disconnected from pro-life, pro-family advocacy, are now actively engaged and attuned to the need to take action.

  • Those brave MPs who stood up for life – in some cases risking their careers – were provided with the support needed to speak and act boldly.

  • As Liberal MLC Damien Tudehope recently said: “Doctors deserve better, women deserve better, and – most certainly – unborn children deserve better”. We must never shy away from defending these principles. Never.
So, where to from here? The work to rebuild a culture of life in Australia will continue, but our immediate focus must return to other pressing needs.
Chief among these is freedom of religion and belief, as an emerging issue in Victoria highlights.

Christian school hit with legal action
Last year, Ballarat Christian College in Victoria resolved to spell out exactly where it stood on the issue of marriage.

It made sense to be completely clear when Australians were told that their rights and beliefs would be respected after the legal redefinition of marriage in 2017.
Here’s what the school’s Statement of Faith includes:

"God designed the two genders, male and female, for the purpose of joy and procreation within the sole relationship of marriage. So a marriage can only be between a male and a female, and upon this foundation alone should children be conceived and families formed."

Hardly a controversial statement. Whether informed by religious belief or not, the traditional man-woman definition of marriage was supported by nearly 40% of Australian voters.

Shockingly, though, the Ballarat school now faces legal action from a former teacher – backed by Equality Australia (the chief ‘Yes’ organisation from the marriage debate).

Described by media as a “devoted Christian”, teacher Rachel Colvin allegedly resigned in February after refusing to sign the updated statement of faith. She has since filed a discrimination case with the Victorian Civil Administrative Appeals Tribunal (VCAT).

If there was any doubt about the need for positive religious freedom laws, this should settle things.

Parents and grandparents should be alarmed – as should everyone who values freedom of speech, association, belief and religion.

We are continuing to speak out for our freedoms, but we need your help.

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen religious freedom sorely tested. The Israel Folau and Archbishop Julian Porteous cases are perhaps the most high-profile, but there have been many others.

Now we see an entire school forced to justify its beliefs – and parental rights over children’s education potentially trashed. The need to act should be clear to all, but:
  • The Government’s current proposals do not go far enough,

  • Some parliamentarians think there’s no problem in the first place (such as Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie), and

  • There are plenty from the Rainbow Lobby who will fight against meaningful protections.
We’re not perturbed by these hurdles – we can’t afford to be – but we do need your help to face them.

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We will be providing guidance tomorrow on how you can make a submission on the Federal Government’s religious discrimination proposals.
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