A Response to More Neo-SSPX Propaganda



A Response to More Neo-SSPX Propaganda

Some of you may recall an article I wrote last January in response to a letter from the Superior of the Neo-SSPX’s US District Superior, Fr. Rostand, who was speaking of the “dangers of the internet”. This letter, while it contained some truth, seemed to have been written for the purpose of discouraging the laity from using the internet in order to keep them from stumbling across pro-Resistance websites and learning the truth about the crisis in the Society of St. Pius X.

Well, we’re not very far into 2014, and already the Neo-SSPX is wasting little time firing up their propaganda machine for the new year. Once again I am having to dedicate an article to refuting something which appeared on the Neo-SSPX’s US District website, most likely courtesy of Fr. Rostand. On January 3rd, a new article was released on the site entitled “The ‘need’ to know all vs. peace of soul”. The article speaks of those who have an “obsession” with wanting to know all the information of a specific subject, and attributes liberalism to this “obsession”.

The article is really a sly way of taking a jab at the Resistance laity, even though the Resistance is not specifically mentioned, as it also uses the recent events of the SSPX and “disobedience to superiors” as an example.

I will not quote the entire article, but I will address several paragraphs. I’ll begin with this:

“We often criticize the entertainment world for turning away souls from their duties and especially from God. Chief among these distractions which ensnare souls are the continually-changing landscape of digital media (such as blogs, social networking tools, YouTube, apps, texting, Internet newsfeeds, etc.) which perhaps comprise today’s greatest means of distraction.”

This is humorous, considering the fact that Fr. Rostand approved of the opening of a blog owned by the Neo-SSPX’s “Angelus Press”. If blogs are nothing more than a “great means of distraction”, why open one and participate in the digital media which “ensnares souls”?

The following five paragraphs are really intriguing:

“Ultimately from this modern spirit of an unbalanced desire for information and an insistence on a “right to know”, souls will be led away from Christ’s peace — a peace which worldly things cannot give. It will also imbue the mind to question and criticize everything and according to its own reasoning. Another more subtle effect of this false ideology is to focus blame on an individual — e.g., a “scapegoat complex” — when expectations (sometimes unreasonable) of “informational transparency” are not fulfilled.

Unfortunately, examples of such defects were witnessed amongst even traditionally-minded Catholics concerning recent events affecting the Society of St. Pius X — with the legitimate exercising of authority being the preferred target. But how could this occur with Catholics who adhere to the True Mass, the True Sacraments, and the True Faith?

Precisely because the underlying spirit of those disturbed was one of a lack of submission to authority, fed by an incessant “need” to know, and a “need” to be informed about all information, regardless of their state (e.g., non-SSPX members do not have a strict right to be kept informed about the internal affairs of the SSPX, which is a religious congregation).

The inability to obtain the information they “needed” and which they felt they had a “right” to, led to resentment and thence the scapegoating of persons (authority) from who they felt slighted by, through misunderstandings, buzz, rumors, suspicions, detractions, half-truths, and calumnies — and then fed upon by other disenchanted “I must know!” information-seekers.

We must beware of this diabolical tendency that perpetuates Lucifer’s “I will not serve”, which leads to a loathing of obedience and respect to authority, particularly when it does not yield to opinions, either of the world or from subordinates. Such a mentality is disastrous to the spiritual life — let alone Catholic; cue to the destruction wrought by Martin Luther and the Protestant revolution.”

Here, Fr. Rostand compares the disobedience to Bishop Fellay and other Neo-SSPX superiors to the rebellion of satan against God and the abominable revolt against the Catholic Church started by Martin Luther. This is utter insanity and isn’t even worthy of a serious rebuttal.

Finally, Fr. Rostand throws this gem in there:

“Archbishop Lefebvre once remarked that all of us in this modern age have been affected in some way or another by the errors of liberalism and thus must make a close examination of ourselves to see where. The “need” (nay, addiction) for information — continually and instantly — is just one practical aspect of liberal ideology that we can be prone to.”

This is one example of the absolute hypocrisy of the Neo-SSPX. It is really quite laughable for Fr. Rostand to tell us we’re “liberal” for expressing interest in what is transpiring behind closed doors. Do the faithful not have a right to know what is happening? Is it right to keep them in the dark? Archbishop Lefebvre never hid what he was doing because he had nothing to hide. But the Neo-SSPX does have quite a bit to hide. They’re clearly just mad that their top-secret information (i.e. Krahgate, GREC, the secular PR firm, etc.) was exposed. The Second Vatican Council operated behind closed doors, and we know what the results of that were. The faithful have a right to be informed on just what is going on.

Furthermore, consider the facts. The above nonsense is coming from a group that, among many other things, tells us that Vatican II is “95% acceptable”, that the Jews didn’t commit the deicide, that families should limit themselves to “no more than five or six children”, etc.

Let’s also not forget to mention that one of the Neo-SSPX’s schools openly promotes religious liberty and “tolerance” on its website (scroll down the to bottom of the page):
See here Parents Who Need Our Prayers

Another Neo-SSPX school in France recently published a prayer book containing the “luminous mysteries”.

And recently, Neo-SSPX priest Fr. Pfluger reportedly praised the Fraternity of St. Peter at a priestly retreat in France, and suggested that the Society has been “too hard” on the FSSP and should take their model, since the Society is losing priests and the FSSP isn’t (did Fr. Pfluger ever stop to think that maybe they’re losing priests because they’ve been acting like the FSSP as of late?).

The list goes on. So, according to the Neo-SSPX, none of the above is liberal, but seeking information is.

Go figure.

Fr. Rostand and the rest of Bishop Fellay’s yes-men would do well to examine their own liberal actions first, before falsely accusing others of the same. They have a very false definition of liberalism. The Society cannot return to the days of its founder until it once again grasps what liberalism truly is and vigorously fights it just as its brave founder did. TraditionalCatholicRemnant



To whom is this statement addressed that “non-SSPX members do not have a strict right to be kept informed about the internal affairs of the SSPX?” It cannot be the laity, because they are not members of the SSPX. And can the targetted unidentified person(s) have a right just so long as it is not ‘strict’?

Every human being is free to inform him/herself of anything he/she wishes, particularly when it comes to the faith. MEMBERS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH are obligated to test the spirit of any new teaching, or teacher, that is leading the flock in a direction that is alien to them. And who is the mystery person being scapegoated? Oh! the writer must be referring to Bishop Williamson.


The most striking thing I found, when I wandered into the Brisbane Resistance centre on Christmas Day - WAS the peace there. Anyone simply curious as to the atmosphere at these Masses should do just that. Just wander in and see for yourself. There's no pressure, nothing but a genuine Catholic welcome and charity. The other striking thing was the peace and joy of the PEOPLE, and the light radiating from their eyes. Unless everyone had furtively squirted eye drops into their orbs 'just in case someone dropped in', this was very compelling when added to all the other factors one finds there - including a beautiful, well set up fully portable Chapel.



May I add also, for any non-supporter simply looking around on this board that: I started to be less critical and 'anti' the resistance when I sent Bishop Williamson a micro donation of $10 in late November, early December. I was visiting the Eleison Comments site and decided to send him this money as a simple act of charity. After all, the poor man was turfed out with no financial security. I explained to Bishop Williamson that this was all the money I had to send him, and that the $10 had come from the sale of a Marian emblem that I had taken from the design on the convent chapel window in York, Western Australia (I digitized this and can now stitch it out as an embroidery). Anyway, it was after sending this donation that I started to think about 'sitting in the back' of the Masses of Bishop Williamson, just to get a sense of the atmosphere there. Then I decided I'd turn up for Christmas Eve and what the heck. Then the visit was cancelled and I ended up at Oxley, for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If people are 'on the wrong path' how can they convey such a true Catholic spirit?