For those who do not yet know, the traditional Catholic circle in Melbourne, Victoria, welcomed a new priest, last year, 2020, at the height of the "covid pandemic". His name is Father George Mina, from the Chaldean Rite. He is based in Melbourne and has been a great blessing to us faithful especially in these evil times. He was previously serving in the Novus Ordo conciliar church.

Unbeknownst to us all (except his immediate family), he had been building a chapel with his own hands for the faithful in Melbourne/Victoria. After seven months of grueling work, some days painting and hammering away until 2 AM according to his sister, Father George finally put the finishing touches and the chapel was officially opened on December 20, 2021. A mass in the traditional Chaldean Rite (Ancient Aramaic) was held that night at 7:30 and was attended by his Chaldean community as well some of us from the Roman Rite who could not stop our eyes from welling up. Our hearts were - and still are- filled with immense joy and awe at the dedication and hard work of Father Mina and, more importantly, at how Our Lord and Our Lady are honoured and glorified through his works.

The chapel, Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Personal Parish, came as a wonderful surprise when father announced to us all on the night of December 17, Friday, that it will be opened on Monday, December 20, giving us about two and a half days notice; and not without the blessing and support of Bishop Richard Williamson himself.

Father Mina is, indeed, a priest of many talents. He does not only give great homilies and spiritual advice, he also cooks, sews, paints, etc. And, of course, he is very good at keeping secrets!

APOLOGIES. My DSLR is mainly used for astrophotography and had not been touched for months so I forgot that the settings were still for night/outdoor deep sky photograpy, plus the very short notice that I was to take photos, hence, the blurry pictures.


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