29 August 1976 Sermon at Lille



An extract from the attached file:

Fr. Hewko has several times stated that we should all be familiar with this Sermon of the Archbishop's. Here is a brief excerpt from this excellent sermon:

The reasons for our attitude, and for your attitude, are very grave reasons: it concerns the defense of our faith. The defense of our faith! Is it possible, then, that the authorities at Rome should be a danger to our faith? I do not judge these authorities, I do not want to judge them personally. I would, so to speak, judge them like the Holy Office used to judge a book and put it on the Index. It sufficed to study what was contained in the statements that had been written. And if these propositions were contrary to the doctrine of the Church, the book was condemned and placed on the Index, without it being necessary to summon the author. At the Council, certain bishops spoke out against this procedure, insisting that it was inadmissible to put a book on the Index without hearing from the author. But one has no need to see the person who wrote a book, if one has in one's hands a text that is absolutely contrary to the doctrine of the Church. It is the book which is condemned, because the words are contrary to Catholic doctrine, and not the person who wrote it. It is in this way that we must judge things, we must judge them by deeds. As our Lord Jesus Christ said very well in the Gospel that we heard a short time ago, quite apropos, wolves in sheep's clothing. “You will recognize the tree by its fruit.” The fruits are before us, evident, clear.


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