Worshipping with non-Catholics

Worshipping with non-Catholics 2019-09-22

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma – Fr. Ludwig Ott (1952)

The members of the Church are those who have validly received the Sacrament of Baptism and who are not separated from the unity of the confession of the Faith, and from the unity of the lawful communion of the Church. …Although public apostates and heretics, schismatics and excommunicati vitandi are outside the legal organisation of the Church, still their relationship to the Church is essentially different from that of the unbaptised… [for] the baptised person, in spite of his ceasing to be a member of the Church, cannot cut himself off so completely from the Church, that every bond with the Church is dissolved… Thus the Church
claims jurisdiction over baptized persons who are separated from her. ...Membership of the Church is necessary for all men for salvation. …Christ ordained affiliation to the Church by founding the Church as an institution unto salvation for all men. He endowed the Apostles with his authority, gave them a universal mandate to teach and baptize and made eternal salvation dependent on the acceptance of His teaching and the reception of Baptism. That those who, in innocent ignorance, do not know the true Church of Christ, but who are nevertheless ready to bow to the demands of the Divine Will, will not be cast out, springs from the Divine Justice, and from the doctrine of God's general will of salvation, which is clearly proved in the Scriptures.86
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