The Moral Influence of the Catholic Church

The Moral Influence of the Catholic Church 1

It must be acknowledged that, generally speaking, the record of the Church in dealing with international communim and the Soviet Empire has been from bad to disgraceful. We are not talking about the posture to communism presented by certain Catholic rulers and statesmen, such a Francisco Franco of Spain (1939-1975) and Antonio Salazar of Portugal (1932-1968), but by the Holy See and the popes, since the Bolshevik takeover of Russia (1922). Except for a few isolated statements, such as Pope Pius XI's Divini Redemptoris, the popes have done very little to mobilize the Catholics and all the other peoples of the world against communism. And if the conduct of Popes Benedict XV (1914-1922) and Pius XI (1922-1939), was tame, subdued, inexpliciably restrained in this regard, that of their successors, Popes Pius XII (1939-1958), John XXIII (1958-1962), and Paul VI (1962-1978), and John Paul II (1978-2005) has been positively supportive of communism. let them consider the following facts [....]

Fr. Wathen, Author of "Who Shall Ascend"


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