The Catacombs - Issue 1

The Catacombs - Issue 1 2016-02-09

The purpose of this little newsletter is to examine the issues we face both within the Resistance and more broadly, as Traditional Catholics in these important times. We, like many of you, have noticed that the world is continually attempting to dull our spiritual senses. Every attempt is made to distract us from focusing on the love of God and our Faith.We are starting to forget the words and actions of the saints and martyrs who have gone before us, who have blazed a path for us on how to preserve our Faith in these very trying times. The intent of this newsletter is to inculcate those words in our hearts and to remember the words of Our Lord and Our Lady with regard to our days. God is asking us, as He always has, do we love our Faith enough to fight for It, to defend It when its threatened?
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