The Broken Wheel #2

The Broken Wheel #2 2021-06-01


“When Millet’s picture, L’Angelus, was on exhibition, two men stood be-fore it in admiration. “But what”, asked one, “would that picture be with-out the Angelus? Just two peasants in a potato field.” “What would the world be without the Angelus?” said the other. “Just a whirling globe with hopeless toilers crawling on it.” ¹

Communism did not exist when “other” made this observation yet he pro-phetically describes the Communist utopia that is our home. The Angelus recalls the Incarnation, that the Word was made flesh. Our Lord became man to redeem us. To pay the debt for our sins and open the gates of heaven. The Second Vatican Council reduced heaven to something natu-ral, granted to all members of the one big “human family”. In doing that it did away with the Angelus, the Incarnation, the Redemption, everything supernatural and holy.

The Second Vatican Council is responsible for most of the evils in the miserable world that our generation is privileged to live in. Without the Church being the leaven of society and the salt of the earth, there is no leaven, no salt. Savor has gone from the world. Men no longer have a purpose. Without the Angelus life is meaningless. Therefore we keep the Angelus; keep faith in the Incarnation; keep faith in the Redemption; keep faith in everlasting life.

The Catholic Church is the only means of salvation. We need to believe in the Church. I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is our Creed. It is a great mystery that the hierarchy of this Church is occupied by unbelievers. Men who are unconcerned about the Church being One and Holy. Men who have created a Conciliar Church in opposition to the Catholic Church. Holiness is necessary to combat despair. If there is no possibility of being holy, no possibility of practising heroic virtue, no possibility of being a hero, nothing to fight for, then those with large souls who are called to be saints have no place in the Conciliar Church. Even mediocre souls become bored with it and leave it. Their lives are wasted. We need to give such souls great ideals to seek. Make them realise that the only thing worth doing in this world is becoming a saint. The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius are an excellent tool for doing this. We are hoping and praying to get a place to use for a retreat house where generous souls can separate themselves from the world for a time and contemplate the eternal truths. We need young people determined to give their lives to God. Parents need to make a home that encourages their children to deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Our Lord closely as all the saints have done. Some Eucharistic Crusaders have made themselves sacrifice beads and are amassing huge numbers of sacrifices every month....(cont')....
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