Old Battle New Fronts

Old Battle New Fronts 2017-07-09


Bishop Williamson is repeating his errors over and over. He in fact, has double-downed on them. People have been struggling to come to terms with the neo-Bishop Williamson. He has successfully created confusion and doubt about simple elements of our Catholic Catechism. He instead forces people and priests to accept his errors based on personality preference or holding sacraments and Holy Oils hostage if his will is not obeyed and his errors are not accepted. Dear friends, these are not the actions and words of a good Catholic bishop. Throughout the coming series, you will see the stark contradiction between what Bishop Williamson is preaching with what the Church has always taught. They are irreconcilable. And the Church has ever taught us to reject what is novel or irreconcilable with Her teachings. St. Paul tells us clearly and unequivocally:

"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema." Galatians 1:8

Even if Bishop Williamson used to be an angel when he was chosen by Archbishop Lefebvre to become a bishop, even if before these last years, he never gave us reason to question his words, he has most certainly done so now. He is preaching a gospel new to our ears. St. Paul has already told us how we must think. We only have to stick with our Catechism. We only have know the most basic elements of our Faith. We do not have to be theologians or canon lawyers. God made it very simple for us. Let us use our God-given intelligence and love of God to choose rightly. To choose our Faith before persons.

Gone are the days we could blindly follow what our local priest taught us.

It is our hope that this series will give you a clear path to follow based on centuries of Catholic teaching supported by popes and saints and the teachings of ABL. It is important that as you study this series, you discern for yourself what we must follow: the teachings of our beloved Catholic Church or of a group of persons in striking contrast to what the Church has always taught.


This is an excellent series of articles and especially Part 10 on Religious Liberty. The link to the video the transcript is taken from is posted at the bottom of the transcript. This is very good information on religious liberty to make copies of to give to any priests still in the SSPX and remind them of Bishop Fellay's statement that "Relig. Liberty in Vat II is very limited".

Here is an excerpt from the transcript where Fr. Hesse is reading and explaining some of the heresies that are written in the documents of Vat II

Fr. Hesse- "Well, The Vatican II is certainly a perverted Council because it is actually here requesting from the civil authorities to give complete freedom to all the heretical, schismatical and pagan religions and this is something that has been again condemned by Pius IX in the Syllabus.
I quote No. 20: 'The ecclesiastical power ought not to exercise its authority without the permission and assent of the civil government'. This is now in the Balamand Statement I quoted before with the Orthodox Churches.

(heresy)No. 21:
'The Church has not the power of defining dogmatically that the religion of the Catholic Church is
the only true religion.

Vatican II doubts it all the time."
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