Life of Union with Mary

Life of Union with Mary 2021-02-17


Reverend Father,

Your books, your articles, and the counsels you have lavished upon many souls have made you a great apostle of Mary, a worthy disciple of Father Chaminade.

In this work, which I have the pleasure of presenting to the Catholic public, you summarize substantially your previous writings and permit us to profit by your wide experience.

You give us solid doctrine.

Perhaps not all theologians will agree with certain of your assertions. But there is place in theology for a healthy liberty.

Without reserve I praise and admire the manner in which you present and explain the delicate questions of mystical theology.

I congratulate you upon the practical and profitable character of your book.

All can draw abundantly from it for the enlightenment, the nourishment, and the development of their Marian devotion.

Each one will find there exactly what he needs.

More than once you remark very appropriately that “the reader should take only what is for him,” that he should aim at simplifying, not at encumbering, his spiritual life.

You show very well that love of the Blessed Virgin is not a complication nor an aside in Christianity, for, as doctrine and experience prove, Mary naturally turns us toward Jesus, and by Him, toward the Father, in the Holy Spirit.

I have been struck by the words which you quote from a great servant of the Blessed Virgin, Brother Marie-Leonard: “Devotion to Mary is not the whole of our religion. The whole of our religion is Jesus. But whoever gives himself to Mary is led by her to her Son.”

Reverend Father, I wish that many souls would place themselves under your guidance in the school of Mary, become more and more conscious of her gentle and salutary influence, and thus advance rapidly in the interior life out of which arises true apostolic fruitfulness.

May the Immaculate Mary, Virgin of the poor, bless your efforts and reward the labors which you consecrate to her.

Liege, September 12, 1954
Bishop of Liege, Belgium

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