Liberalism is a Sin

Liberalism is a Sin

Note: Numbers in parenthesis throughout the text are the page numbers of the original reprint in 1963.


I. What Begets Liberalism 9
II. What Liberalism Is 16
III. Liberalism A Sin 22
IV. The Gravity Of The Sin Of Liberalism 27
V. The Degrees Of Liberalism 31
VI. Catholic Liberalism Or Liberal Catholicism 36
VII. Intrinsic Causes Of Liberal Catholicism 40
VIII. Shadow And Penumbra 46
IX. Two Kinds Of Liberalism 50
X. Liberalism Of All Shades Condemned By The Church 53
XI. The Solemn Condemnation Of Liberalism By The Syllabus 60
XII. Like Liberalism But Not Liberalism, Liberalism but not Like It 64
XIII. The Name Liberalism 69
XIV. Liberalism And FreeThought 76
XV. Can A Liberal Be In Good Faith 80 (vii)
XVI. The Symptoms Of Liberalism 86
XVII. Christian Prudence And Liberalism 92
XVIII. Liberalism And Literature 97
XIX. Charity And Liberalism 103
XX. Polemical Charity And Liberalism 107
XXI. Personal Polemics And Liberalism 115
XXII. A Liberal Objection To Ultramontane Methods 119
XXIII. The "Civilta Cattolica's" Charity To Liberals 123
XXIV. A Liberal Sophism And The Church's Diplomacy 128
XXV. How Catholics Fall Into Liberalism 133
XXVI. Permanent Causes of Liberalism 137
XXVII. How To Avoid Liberalism 141
XXVIII. How To Distinguish Catholic From Liberal Works 146
XXVIV. Liberalism And Journalism 151
XXX. Can Catholics And Liberals Ever Unite 155
XXXI. An Illusion Of Liberal Catholics 160
XXXII. Liberalism And Authority In Particular Cases 164
XXXIII. Liberalism As It Is In This Country 170 (viii)

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