In the Face of Roman Proposals

In the Face of Roman Proposals 2018-05-04

In the current turmoil and confusion, we must remain faithful to the authentic Catholic principles and remain rooted in them. And in order that they may truly be the light which enlightens and guides our steps, we must draw practical conclusions from the them and apply them rigorously in our everyday life and in our daily attitudes.

Coherence and non - contradiction are the logical consequence of full and complete adherence to the truth. As Cardinal Pie said, charity, which is the bond of perfection, must be dictated and regulated by truth, and it is in this spirit of charity that we wished to write these lines.

It is above all under the gaze of God that this work has been carried out, for it is to Him that we shall have to account for all our conduct; but it is also to make loyally known the basis of our thinking on the question of the Roman propositions.

Indeed, sharing for many years the same struggle as the other communities of the Tradition, we had at heart to make known to those closest to us how we perceive the current situation.

We hope, in any case, that it will be in this spirit of peace and understanding that this work will be received. Deign to Our Lady, faithful Virgin and Queen of Peace, maintain between us the supernatural bonds which unite us in truth and charity in her divine Son, Jesus Christ, our King.

Fr. Antoine de Fleurance
Guardian of Saint Francis Con
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