I accuse the Council

I accuse the Council 2019-03-11


Nothing seems more opportune in these days, when the matters at Ecône set forth the grave problem of the intentions of the Second Vatican Council and of its influence on the self-destruction of the Church, than to publish the documents drawn up in the course of the Council itself.

These documents, with supporting evidence, will make it clear that Liberal and Modernist tendencies came to light during the Council and had an overwhelming influence on those present, thanks to the downright plot of the Cardinals from the banks of the Rhine, supported, unfortunately, by Pope Paul VI.

The poison which has spread throughout the whole Church as a result of the reforms of this pastoral Council and of their application is contained in its equivocations and its ambiguities. A new, reformed Church, which His Excellency Cardinal Benelli himself calls the Conciliar Church, has emerged from this Council.

If we are to understand fully and to measure the harm done by Vatican II, we must study this Council in the light of the Pontifical documents which, for nearly two centuries, put bishops, clergy and faithful on their guard against the conspiracy of the enemies of the Church acting through Liberalism and Modernism.

It is also essential to know the documents of the opponents of the Church, and especially of the secret societies which had been preparing for this Council for more than a century.

Finally, it will be very instructive to follow the reactions of Protestants, Masons and Liberal1 Catholics during and after the Council.

The conclusion is inescapable, especially in the light of the widespread turmoil which the Church has experienced since the Second Vatican Council. This destructive occurrence for the Catholic Church and all Christian civilization has not been directed nor led by the Holy Ghost.

To denounce publicly the machinations of churchmen who sought to make this Council the Church’s peace of Yalta with her worst enemies, which is in reality a new betrayal of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church, is to render an immense service to Our Lord and to the salvation of souls.

Marcel Lefebvre
Ecône, Switzerland, August 18, 1976


1. The words “Liberal” and “Liberalism” are used throughout the book in their anti- Catholic context and are not with reference to political parties or to ideologies. (Translator’s note.)

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