Father Feeney & the Truth about Salvation : P II

Father Feeney & the Truth about Salvation : P II 2019-12-29

Extract from Chapter 1:

......Our primary purpose in presenting this study is to provide for our readers convincing historical and doctrinal proof that all the problems in the Church today can be traced back to one common cause: the gradual suppression, and now, today, the often outright denial, by the hierarchy, of the key dogma which clearly expresses the Church’s universal authority — Outside the Church there is no salvation! Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus!​
To accomplish our purpose, we will present a brief account of the persecution of Father Feeney and his disciples, a study of the doctrinal issue, and then a defense of our position against the constantly recurring distortions and falsehoods promulgated by liberals and modernists, and even, sad to say, some pontificating traditionalists......​
Comment from an observer:
The three baptisms- BODers are stuck with their liberal ideas as if these ideas were implanted in their brains, while basic, fundamental Catholic theology has been wiped away with an industrial strength repellent....similar to sedeism.

They would be advised to focus on the role of the Divine Providence in a Baptism of Desire - which BOD's only chance to accomplish heaven for the person, is when the Divine Providence is altogether excluded from the formula. BODers never even notice that there is no Divine Providence involved, either that or they have a rank misunderstanding of what the Divine Providence even is.

If they ever could get themselves to accept the simple truth that it is by the very same providence with which you were baptized that we are all baptized, they may figure it out. But trying to convince BODers of this simple truth is all but impossible.

Witness the downfall of the Jesuit Order over the following
years culminating in our Jesuit Pope Francis

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