Cor-Mariae Newsletter : March/April 2019

Cor-Mariae Newsletter : March/April 2019 2019-04-30

Introduction to Overview of Resistance to Conciliar Rome

Editorial:In the unlikely event that a strong Bishop may emerge to unite the priesthood may readers who are interested forgive this clumsy attempt on my part to explain why this writer has made the choice to wait for a reforming Pope to do the job before receiving the Sacraments again. The choice was made in order to keep my faith full stop. I decided to share it because so many Catholics have lost the faith entirely since the Council of Vat. II spread its poison. Christ promised that He will not leave any of you orphaned if, through no fault of your own, you find yourselves in a similar position. Don’t give up.Use the circumstances to deepen your faith.

No priest? Your Guardian Angel is trustworthy, ever-present to pick up the slack; St. Michael to protect you and your family – speak to them. In your need get closer to these precious Angels. Pray through Mass/Holy Communion daily. Pray Stations of the Cross. Above all make reparation to our Blessed Mother for all the misuse of Her precious Rosary by prelates/priests/laity who care not to do the will of Her Divine Son, but their own. Or those who mistake complacancy for true peace.

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Excellent newletter, admin. Thank you!

"But what do we have now? A resistance
movement that has descended into chaos by priests working against each other yet all claim to be the saintly Archbishop’s followers."

This is so very true and so very sad.

"Remaining are the two resistance groups of priests who recognise the impossibility of joining up with the above-mentioned variety for the reason stated:

"• Group A - like the Dominicans and SAJM provide the Mass of all ages/Sacraments under supplied jurisdiction spurning conciliar Rome but remain silent on the doctrinal errors of Bishop Williamson because they need a Bishop. Is this so far removed from the debacle of Fr. Pfeiffer/Pablo’s seminary where they too recognise the need for a bishop in Bishop Moran! This group of priests are at variance with:
"• Group B who are independent priests providing the Mass of all ages/Sacraments under supplied jurisdiction, but reject allegiance to BW. They have no Bishop whatsoever therefore out of sync with their fellow resistance priests. This group of priests remain truly faithful to the the guidelines laid down by Archbishop Lefebvre. "

There is another group: Independent Thuc-line priests and bishops who are not sedevecanti and not in-fighting. While the waters are murky, the graces are enormous.

"There is a new generation of young people beginning to emerge out of the ruins who
refuse to bow down to the demands of conciliar Rome. It is their generation that will bring about the final victory of Mary’s Immaculate Heart to crush the head of Satan once for all."

It is amazing you say this, admin, as our visiting priest this past weekend told us he believes it will be the laity who will lead the Church in this crisis of the Faith.