Confraternity of the Holy Rosary

Confraternity of the Holy Rosary 2021-05-23

The Origin of the Prayer of the Rosary and its Excellence

A constant tradition, which, on several occasions, the Popes have solemnly endorsed, tells us that Saint Dominic (+ 1221) instituted the Rosary.
For instance, in the Bull Consueverunt of September 17, 1569, inaugurating the great movement in promotion of the Rosary which, two years later, was to lead to the famous victory of Lepanto, Pope Saint Piux V wrote:

The Blessed Dominic (...) himself lived in times similar to our own, when the Alibigensian heresy was ravaging France and Italy, casting a great number of the laity into the blindness of impiety and raging with fury against the clergy and priests of Our Lord.

Gied by the example of those who had preceded him in the service of God, and filled with the Holy Ghost, Dominic raised his eyes to Heaven and fixed his gaze on that holy mountain, that is to say on the glorious Virgin Mary, the sublime Mother of God. In begetting Christ, she crushed the head of the Infernal serpent. She alone has destroyed all heresies. By the fruit of her womb, she saved the world from the damnation which the fall of our first parents had merited for us. From this holy mountain without human aid, the stone which is Christ was detached; and the Son of Mary, immolated on the tree of the Cross, let abundant streams of grace flow from His wounds...............
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