Catholic Candle : July 2019

Catholic Candle : July 2019 2019-07-08

The Easy and Only Way to Be a Saint: LOVE GOD

If you think it is hard to be a saint, you (and almost all others) have listened to the
devil who convinced you it is nearly impossible, so why even try? (God and heaven are
all love; the devil and hell are all hate.)
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Important Information to Counter the Liberal Gradualism We must Fight against Every Day

SSPX announces Ascension Thursday non-obligation

The words of the “new” liberal SSPX in Florida, in 2019:

Thursday is Ascension of the Lord. In Florida, this Thursday is not a day of obligation. The day of obligation is reported on Sunday. Nevertheless, you are of course more than invited to come to Mass and to celebrate as best as you can this ascension of the Lord ....

What will the “new” SSPX not emphasize to accustom its followers to the lax conciliar way of living?

SSPX suggests new masses in Medjugorje are good

In an article about the false “apparitions” in Medjugorje, Bosnia, the “new” liberal SSPX says that, in Medjugorje: “there is undoubtedly some good—Masses ....”

Here the N-SSPX implies that the new mass is good because those “Masses” are all (or at least mostly) the sacrilegious, anti-Catholic new masses!

This is only the latest of the many occasions on which the “new” SSPX has promoted or approved of the new mass. Read, e.g., the evidence in this article:
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