Catholic Candle : January 2019

Catholic Candle : January 2019 2019-01-09

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The wisdom from St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church, regarding the value of persecutions:

Would to God that all the infidels would rise up together against me, for having defended the glory and the name of the Lord! I wish that the whole world would conspire in blaming my conduct, that I may, by this means, obtain the approbation of Jesus Christ. You are deceived if you think that a Christian can live without persecution. He suffers the greatest who lives under none. Nothing is more to be feared than too long a peace. A storm puts a man upon his guard, and obliges him to exert his utmost efforts to escape shipwreck.​

Quoted from Butler’s Lives of the Saints, vol. 3, feast of St. Jerome (Sept. 30th).

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