Cardinal Lienart & the Intention to Do What the Church Does

Cardinal Lienart & the Intention to Do What the Church Does 2019-03-01

Table of Contents

A Doubtful Debate 1
Faith and Intention 4
Heretics and Holy Orders 10
The Intention to Do What the Church Does 21
Presumption of Intention and Validity 29
Conclusion 36
Appendix A: The Deathbed Confession 38
Appendix B: Sylogisms
Scenario 1 40
Scenario 2 41
Works Cited 42
Extract from Pope Leo XIII, Apostolicae Curae, Sept. 13, 1896:

When anyone has rightly and seriously made use of the due form and the matter requisite for effecting or conferring the sacrament he is considered by that very fact to do what the Church does. On this principle rests the doctrine that a sacrament is truly conferred by the ministry of one who is a heretic or unbaptized, provided the Catholic rite be employed. On the other hand, if the rite be changed, with the manifest intention of introducing another rite not approved by the Church, and of rejecting what the Church does, and what by the institution of Christ belongs to the nature of the sacrament, then it is clear that not only is the necessary intention wanting to the sacrament, but that the intention is adverse to and destructive of the sacrament.”

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