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    Summary of the current position of Our Lady of the Southern Cross

    "OLSC realised” – And how do you know that you’re right with your “realization?” The Church has never been in a crisis like this before. It’s a real crisis and we’re at war. The situation is far from ideal, and the set-up, too. It’s makeshift and everyone is doing what they can, given the...
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    A Chinese Catholic asking for help

    I don’t know what the schools in Ontario and Calgary are like, but one thing that is certainly noticeable is that those who keep attending SSPX chapels, schools, seminaries, etc. are slowly getting “slow-boiled” about joining Rome through brainwashing propaganda. So it's dangerous to send your...
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    A Chinese Catholic asking for help

    Hi Paul, The SSPX school in Levis, Quebec is very liberal (I don't think you'll find worse in North America). Fr. Berteaux, the head priest of the school, refers to the Tridentine Mass as the "extraordinary" rite. Fr. Couture, the District Superior of Canada, wants to join Rome and is...
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    Please Pray

    Deo gratias! Thanks for the update. We continue to pray for Geoff.
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    Shame on Father Couture!

    Shame on Father Couture! As someone pointed out on the Resistance -catholique website, in the November 2017 District Superior’s Letter in Canada ( ), Father Couture states that we have to react...
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    Please Pray

    We're so sorry to hear about your son. He is in our prayers and our rosaries.
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    Archbishop Lefebvre: Liberalism is not only a sin, it is a religion

    Liberalism is not only a sin, it is a religion A translation of an excerpt from two 1986 conferences given by Archbishop Lefebvre. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the course of two...
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    Is the False Resistance waking up?

    Sean says: “We have changed (or rather, we have been changed).” Yes, the False Resistance has been changed by Bishop Williamson. Not only is Bishop Williamson’s position fatalistic, but Bishop Williamson is also trying to inculcate erroneous ideas into the minds of his followers regarding the...
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    SSPX Internal Document: "Cor Unum" June 2017

    This is true. In his conferences and sermons, Archbishop Lefebvre was always mentioning that the enemies (freemasons) were in the Church. We never hear about this anymore with the current SSPX leaders. Archbishop Lefebvre: -“We must not be afraid to affirm that the current Roman authorities...
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    SSPX Internal Document: "Cor Unum" June 2017

    From the Cor Unum: … It is not because we are struggling in an interminable crisis that we should a priori refuse any advance in favor of Tradition, … I wonder how some consider the "conversion of Rome ", the return of the Church to its Tradition, while they carefully avoid any action, any...
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    St. Francis of Assisi's Prophecy

    The Saint Prophesies Great Schisms and Tribulation in the Church A short time before the holy Father’s death, he [St. Francis of Assisi] called together his Children and warned them of the coming troubles saying: ‘Act bravely my Brethren; take courage and trust in the Lord. The time is fast...
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    Bishop Fellay Has Signed the Filial Correction

    This article was posted on the Resistance-catholique website and is from the following website: Correctio Filialis to Pope Francis: an antidote injected by an infected...
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    Outline on pascendi dominici gregis

    In French or English?