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    "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

    This was given to us. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" The Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," was written by Jesuit missionary priests in England during the time of the persecution of Catholics by Queen Elizabeth. To the Protestants, this was a seemingly harmless song about...
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    Explanation of the Advent Wreath

    This is from the sisters of Browerville's catechism course. "Most of you have already seen an Advent wreath and maybe even have one in your homes. Look at the picture on the other side of the paper. "An Advent wreath is made of evergreens, that is, branches which are green all year round. This...
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    We already have a Bishop

    Sounds familiar to me, but I think it might be from the second sermon he mentioned.
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    We already have a Bishop

    I was suggesting to EM.
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    We already have a Bishop

    No, I don't read souls, only God can and His saints. Sometimes when you can see something clearly doesn't mean that others do. In the whole history of the Catholic Church there are always people that need more help to see things than others, sometimes you need to ask God to help them to see...
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    We already have a Bishop

    If I can offer a suggestion, why not pray God to help others see what you see.
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    Moran back with OLMC -- did he ever leave?

    What I am going to say here has nothing to do with Bishop Ambrose. It is just an observation. You are basically saying that anyone who has been baptized Catholic is a Catholic all their lives, but Catholic history has proven otherwise, multiple times. Luther, Henry VII, Arius, etc. were all...
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    2017 June Family Conference

    Thank you so much for the transcripts!
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    A friend of mine sent this in an email and I got their permission to post it. Often times we forget about hell, how our sins make us merit it and that this is the punishment of not following God and His faith. Articles like this one, remind us of what is at stake if we go off the path of God...
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    Morgon Capuchin: 2017 Roman Proposition Study

    Fr. Hewko asked me to translate the Capuchins study to English. He has a copy, but I currently don't know his view on the study. I agree with Machabees in regards to how we should view this document.
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    Prayer to be said on Good Friday for the Purgatory Souls

    It comes from my Grandmother. It is very popular in French, it's found all over the internet in French. I forgot to mention that I translated it from French.