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    Fr. Hewko to visit Australia in May 2019

    Fr Hewko is now a loose canon, without a Bishop.
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    Statement by Fr. Hewko

    Has Father Hewko now left OLMC ?
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    SSPX to Sell out to Newchurch by Accepting New Order Bishops

    Papally Approved? Unexpectedly, a New Bishop for the Society of Saint Pius X Just a couple of weeks ago, Rorate posted an analysis of Pope Francis' moves regarding the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX): The Vatican and the SSPX - Prospects for 2019. In it, our guest contributor revealed...
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    Father Tiago de Sao Jose

    Apparently he may come to NZ to join Fr MacDonald who is hoping to open a priory very soon.
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    SSPX to Sell out to Newchurch by Accepting New Order Bishops

    SSPX to Sell out to Newchurch by Accepting New Order Bishops Francis-Bergoglio Has "Approved" Two New Order Bishops for the Neo-SSPX Francis-Bergoglio and Bernard Fellay (Right) Have Connived to Fabricate Two New Bishops for the Neo-SSPX The Two New Order Bishops Will Be Plants Within the...
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    SSPX own words: "it's already done"

    Bernard Fellay, Former Superior-general of the Neo-SSPX Has Now Publicly Confeseed to Heresy He Engaged in Formal Cooperation With the New Order Heresy on Several Occasions He Told a September 3, 2018, Press Conference in the Philippines That He Had Served as an Official Hired by the Heretic...
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    Sister Lucy

    Again Sister Lucy II has to Bi-Locate to Get Near Paul VI during his 1967 Visit to Fatima. As Top Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, Dental Specialists, Private Investigators Analyze and Report about the Photos of "Sister Lucy," More Faked Photos Emerge . As Falling Flowers Used as Confetti Are in...
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    Sister Lucy

    BOMBSHELL ANNOUNCEMENT! Facial Recognition Experts prove Novus Ordo Vatican’s “Sister Lucy of Fatima” was an Impostor Ladies and gentlemen, this is big news: A team of professional facial recognition experts has concluded a scientific investigation into the question of whether Sister Lucia...