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    FSSPX Church now Islamic Centre

    Thank you for being gracious about the correction. On a personal level, I can't begin to describe how ill these pictures make me feel. Especially after years of feast days and the marriages of my own children in that church. Here is how I would rather remember it.
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    Pope insists Amazon Synod will focus on environment, not married priests a modern Jesuit, he has no time for establishing the Kingship of Christ the King.
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    FSSPX Church now Islamic Centre

    I have inside knowledge of how this all transpired and the way it has been presented is not accurate. I was the former sacristan. The church itself was originally a Polish National (schismatic) Church - the stained glass windows were from that era. The building itself is old and the chapel was...
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    Cardinal Burke slams SSPX

    Its about time he showed his true colors. Hopefully those who treat him as the darling of opposition to modernism can move on after removing the dust from their feet.
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    Looks like CI is down today?

    Hmmm - technical issues, legal problems maybe? This will certainly lead to the cancellation of all fake-resistance Masses until further notice and numerous nervous breakdowns. How will anyone know anything?
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    Cardinal Müller Manuveurs Adhesion to SSPX Doctrinal Agreement

    No surprise that this heretic would throw a turd over the wall at the SSPX on his way out as he weeps over his pink slip. This is the same "Cardinal" who proclaimed that a video camera would not have captured the resurrection of Christ - as if He rose in our "hearts" and left His body to decay...
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    Young Priests and the New Mass

    I do understand all of these points. I am proposing that he was willing to sign a document recognizing the New Mass as valid (under some conditions) and hence validly promulgated (per the procedures the church set forth), which would be the only way it could be valid, but nonetheless poison and...
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    Young Priests and the New Mass

    Right - got your quote from 1979. But then in 1988, he seems to have softened on the issue in the ambiguity of the Protocol. As consistent as he was defending the faith, he was inconsistent in his dealings with Rome. Why he even agreed to negotiate with +Ratzinger in 1988, especially after...
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    Young Priests and the New Mass

    Then he should have said the Novus Ordo was valid but schismatic. That would have left no doubt.
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    SSPX ecumenical Watch

    It is puzzling as to why feels it has to be the information clearing house for Catholics? What role are they playing in that capacity?
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    Young Priests and the New Mass

    How could he admit that the Novus Ordo could even possibly be valid in some circumstances without being legitimately promulgated?
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    The New Mass and the Pope

    While I do not support the false resistance, we would be putting our heads in the sand to ignore what +ABL was willing to agree to in the 1988 Protocol. He signed that document nearly a decade after he wrote the text at the beginning of this post. One also cannot mistake his signature on the...
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    Young Priests and the New Mass

    The roots of this acceptance of the N.O. Mess go back to 1988 when Archbishop Lefebvre but his signature to the document stating: May 5, 1988 Protocol of Accord I. TEXT OF THE DOCTRINAL DECLARATION I, Marcel Lefebvre, Archbishop-Bishop Emeritus of Tulle, as well as the members of the Priestly...
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    Pope gives Jurisdiction to the SSPX marriages

    Dear Lord in Heaven, Please deign to relieve us of this farce by the Anniversary of Fatima, if not sooner.
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    Ecclesia Dei: the NOM is Legitimate with possible Hybrid mass

    Fr. Bernhard Gerstle is the German District Superior of the Fraternity of Saint Peter, not SSPX.