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    The Labor Party proposes to change Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act in a way that would deny faith-based schools, organisations and other agencies the freedom to employ people with their own values and beliefs. For more information, here are some websites to go to:
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    Pictures Philippine Missions

    Hi, I think something is missing ?
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    Australian Govn't just denied +Williamson's Visa.

    The link worked for me, so maybe try again. Also,
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    Urgent Prayer Request for Martyrs

    Thank you for this sad and frightening news. I will be praying for him and them. God help us!! Our Lady of Good Success please intervene!
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    Australian Govn't just denied +Williamson's Visa.

    t1940I have just seen the latest news on AJN titled "Holocaust-denying bishop's visit axed". It is a hate-filled article. You can get there using the above link and click on the article on the RHS.
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    Church Resides in Those Faithful to Tradition

    Furthermore, you can be a Catholic without the Mass as long as you have THE Faith, but you cannot be Catholic if you have the Mass without THE Faith.
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    Australian Govn't just denied +Williamson's Visa.

    Hi again Machabees, I should inform you that a great number of people in the Resistance were aware of Bp. W.'s itinerary (including his flight arrangements and ticket numbers!). Whilst one would expect that we, in the Resistance, can all be trusted with such highly CONFIDENTIAL information...
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    Australian Govn't just denied +Williamson's Visa.

    Yes, I do believe the message was passed on to Bp. W. promptly.
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    All About the Angels

    Thanks for this beautiful video, and it is true that not enough of us know enough about the angels to make good use of them, because we haven't been taught. However, in addition to this mavellous video there are many books about them. A few books published by TAN are: "The Guardian Angels -...
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    Australian Govn't just denied +Williamson's Visa.

    t1943Thanks for the info. Will get very busy next week. I agree with you about the squeaky wheel.
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    Australian Govn't just denied +Williamson's Visa.

    I am sorry Machabees. I was wondering, yes, but I didn't mean it to sound like I was accusing you. I was feeling very upset at what is happening. I agree with you that we need more bishops (and priests too, for that matter) but we cannot and ought not to force his hand. I am sure he is well...
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    Australian Govn't just denied +Williamson's Visa.

    It seems there are people within who are trying to destroy the Resistance such as this latest incident: informing the AJN for the purpose of having Bp. Williamson's visit to us being denied. The person who did this is either grossly naiive, stupid, or just plain malicious with an agenda...
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    Baltimore Catechism

    Oops ! I noticed I made a couple of errors. 1. 4. Then click on "view the complete books list" 5. Click on 'Pamphlets', then click on 'Devotional'
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    Baltimore Catechism

    Sorry for the duplication of your post - didn't mean to. I have some links to good online books which I believe we should all have on our bookshelves. For anyone interested, here they are: 1. For "The Denzinger": 2. For the Douay-Rheims Bible with Notes by Bp...