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    Reflecting on Obligations

    You are correct that all traditional groups use "crisis in the Church" to justify their position. Sometimes they are correct to do so. But it must be used cautiously because it is a slippery slope to justify anything of a particular priest or group. For example, Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko...
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    Reflecting on Obligations

    Due to the fact that this forum has contributed to keeping the priesthood divided, it is incumbent upon me to state publicly that I will no longer refuse to receive the Sacraments from a true faithful-to-tradition priest with BW as his superior if such priest offers to provide them. ...
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    Reflecting on Obligations

    I encourage you to be careful using the "crisis in the Church" as justification for anything. It is a slippery slope which has brought Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko to where they are today.
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    Reflecting on Obligations

    Excellently written. It may be well to also mention the bishops in the loosely associated bishops and priests with b. Williamson: - b. Zendejas - b. Dom Thomas Aquinas - b. Faure
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    Andrea Bocelli will perform live on Easter from Italy's Duomo Cathedral Easter Sunday, 6pm UK time.
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    Recent CEOs stepping down

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    Bill Gates calls for digital chips in humans
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    Covid 19 caused by 5G?
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    Prolife movies, watch free

    Over the next few weeks, the March for Life and Movie to Movement will be streaming pro-life movies every week live on Facebook! Please use this opportunity to share these films with your loved ones. Today, we will be streaming “Crescendo,” a powerful movie we produced with actor Eduardo...
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    High dose vitamin c for covid 19

    Mega doses of Vitamin c for covid 19
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    Fr. Pfeiffer "tonsures"

    Who consecrated Fr. Pfeiffer and when?
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    Finally some sense -- only biological girls on girls' sport teams in AZ

    Bill banning boys who say they’re girls from women’s sports passes Arizona House Suspected male competitors would have to provide a doctor's statement that proves they're female under the 'Save Women's Sports Act.' Read full article here...
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    No communion on the tongue in Santa Fe New Mexico US archbishop bans Communion on tongue, claims it’s ‘not crucial’ how Catholics receive
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    Colorado archbishop bans communion on the tongue US archbishop bans Communion on tongue, claims it’s ‘not crucial’ how Catholics receive
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    Coronavirus out of control in China : What must be done : Steve Brannon

    Out of control in the USA: