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    Prayers for Konrad

    Please keep Konrad from CT in your prayers. He suffered a massive stroke and is recuperating in the ICU at Bridgeport Hospital. If you are in the CT area, please stop by and visit. If you cannot, do offer prayers for his recovery. In JMJ
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    Please note - follow up

    Dear Admin, Attached is a screen-shot of a post that is 'Not open to further replies' and the link ( To follow up to the question raised by nanna: When it comes to a few Priests, it seems that certain select individuals are given a...
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    New epistle from Patriarch Matthew

    This is to notify the brethren that Patriarch Matthew is requesting opinions from the faithful on whether ControlledOpposition Info should be changed to CrapInfo or ControlledDisInfo. After this change, Patriarch Matthew will share his thoughts about cults wherein he will warn the laity of the...
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    Young Catholics reciting the Holy Rosary at the 500th anniversary of Protestantism

    French: Ce samedi 28 octobre 2017 à 16h, avait lieu dans la Cathédrale Saints-Michel-&-Gudule une cérémonie protestante en commémoration du 500e anniversaire de la Réforme. La prédication était faite par le Pasteur Steven Fuite. Le cardinal Jozef De Kesel, archevêque de Malines-Bruxelles, a...
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    Cardinal Burke slams SSPX Quote from the article "MODERATOR: Is it ever licit to attend and receive Communion at a Pius X liturgy? If there are there no other reverent Masses within reasonable distance. Can this fulfill the Sunday obligation? [Archbishop...
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    Who is Fr. Gerardo Zendejas, the new Bishop Elect?

    We have a public video of Bishop Bergoglio becoming Cardinal, but when Fr. Zendejas becomes a Bishop, it is private and we have to buy the DVD? :confused: