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    Favourite Saint?

    Saint Gudula, but I also like Saint Mary MacKillop
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    The 2nd Bolshevik Revolution

    CoV-19... global pandemic or global government? I am in Sydney, Australia and I am seeing basically the Book of Revelation occurring here. Despite this situation supposedly being a "medical" condition it has been largely replied to in a martial way. Sydney is now overrun with state police...
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    We are already over the cliff!

    100% agree with you Anand. I've noticed among the Protestants the so called "Oneness" theology taking hold. The Heavenly Father and The Holy Spirit no longer get a mention in these sort of churches. Eventually it will come to a type of 'Jesus' worship in which he will not be held as an aspect of...
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    I spied on my phone — and here's what I found

    People seem to think that by turning your mobile phone off that you are 'off the grid'. This is not true, wherever there are phone towers you will always be traceable because they work like a radar system. They continuously emit beams and if you have a SIM card then it will give a bounce back...
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    British judge orders abortion

    Gee whiz what a surprise..... But there is good news...
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    Anti abortion preaching triggers backlash

    There is an American on the street preacher touring Australia at the moment, he was preaching on a train when commuters start going off at him. One guy said how he came to Jesus but the rest provided an example on how atheist the west is. Maybe he was a little over the top but compared to...
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    Necessary to ask forgiveness for anti-Judaism : Pope

    Maybe Francis can get the jews to apologise for the Talmud which gives us writings such as Jesus Christ is in hell in a boiling pool of semen and poo, or that the Virgin Mary was a slut, or even better rules on sexually abusing children (girls up to the age of 3 and boys up to 9). Anyway the...
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    Troubling signs that Satanism is infiltrating Catholic Church | Blogs | Lifesitenews

    Troubling signs that Satanism is infiltrating Catholic Church | Blogs | Lifesitenews This might be of interest to some Well at least someone is acknowledging it and prepared to say so He is touring...
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    PP pushes radical sex ed on 13-year-olds with new chatbot app

    You should check to see if there is any association with Tinder. Although Tinder has sex hookups for those 18+ they have been caught providing 'friendship' services for those aged 13-17.
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    By-election in Wentworth Australia

    There was a lot so wrong with this by-election, it was full of virtue signalling. Even though the ballot cannot definitely declared to be over due to postal votes it does seem likely Kerryn Phelps will win. For those not in Australia the electorate of Wentworth is very gay, very jewish, and has...
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    Rosary coast to coast

    Even though this event has passed I just thought it would be worthwhile to show a clip on it. From
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    A Synod slap at home schoolers

    This has a tone of punishing the children for what the father has done or believes, ...very Gestapo like.
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    The Ruddock religious freedom review is a sham.

    Is this the same Annabelle Bennett? She is married to David Bennett, you can find more here...
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    Satan replacing Christ on Pope's new Staff

    Bergoglio seems to be running to a timeline, we have seen jewish reporters of the BBC going berserk at Hungary and Poland because they want to preserve their racial/cultural identity basis. If Bergoglio causes doubt and confusion in Christianity then the faith becomes invalid and void (for all...
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    Virtue Signalling

    A good clip about rich hypocritical celebrities who call for open borders and unlimited 'refugees' and yet claim they have no spare room in their mansions.