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    Privileged to join in these prayers for Our Blessed Mother.
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    Fr. Morgan: Spring 2015 District Letter

    Like a lot of experienced Priests of SSPX, Fr Morgan appears to have lost his way,perhaps they were too well trained in the old way of ABL, and are unable to cope with the new scenario, it goes to show, modernism can effect us all, even to rendering good Priests useless against its onslaught.
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    Gay sex Christ’s ‘self-gift’

    Its a pity they don't teach Catholic Doctrine, instead of apoligizing for it, God help Ireland.
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    Ronald Warwick RIP

    May his good soul rest in peace. A Gentleman.
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    Fr. Nicholas Gruner Dies of a Heart Attack

    Very sad indeed. Fr Gruner was in Ireland recently, and said Mass at the Hill of Slane, his many friends here will miss him greatly.