Gwaredd Thomas

For 25 years my wife and I have been attending a Society Chapel. I'm very concerned that all the hopes we had for the SSPX keeping up the good fight are now going the way of the dinosaurs: tossed into the dust-bin of history as it were.

Recall the Angelus of days gone by. When it was first published in Dickenson, Texas, it was a strong, no nonsense publication, writing about the errors of the "modern" Church, writing about the Jews, Protestants, etc., that too has disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

We'll stick around for one last round; after that, I'm not sure what we'll do. One thing is for certain, we're not sit and watch as the SSPX disintegrates before our eyes despite Fr. Schmidberger's words to the contrary.

At the end of the day, there won't be a bent copper's worth of difference between the SSPX and the Fraternity of St. Peter.
February 3
Wales, UK
Emeritus Professor of History


Speaking in general terms, Welshmen cannot be fairly described as excessively rare creatures; in fact,
there are some parts of the world—Wales, for instance—in which they are quite common. ;)