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    Brazilian president signs proclamation consecrating nation to Virgin Mary

    And yet Bolsonaro visits the Western Wall.
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    Twenty-First Day of April

    Happy Easter!
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    Ambrose ignorance exposed!

    Mr. Hernandez, as far as I am aware, as yet to publicly comment on Ambrose Moran's attack on the validity of Archbishop Lefebvre's consecration. Is he, Mr. Hernandez, truly a follower of Archbishop Lefebvre?
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    The last Cor unum and possibility of a coronation

    Regardless of whether this is true or not, the neo-SSPX is toast and has been for many years. The neo-SSPX is in the same category as the FSSP separated only by degrees of its adherence to Modernist Rome.
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    Massachusetts Mission Breaks with OLMC, KY

    True. However, we were not certain earlier that Fr. Pfeiffer would continue using Ambrose Moran. It was more based on speculation.
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    Moran back with OLMC -- did he ever leave?

    Both Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko have accused me of not giving Ambrose Moran a fair chance by speaking to him directly. What they and others don't understand is that I have provided evidence counter to the public claims made by Ambrose Moran either directly or through the Fathers. What then...
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    Moran back with OLMC -- did he ever leave?

    They are asking Our Lady over and over again when She already gave Her answer a while ago. Her answer is, "No!"
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    St. Elizabeth of Hungary

    Patronness of the Third Order Secular of St. Francis, pray for us!
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    We already have a Bishop

    The Catacombs continues to ask for prayers and patience regarding a decision on Ambrose Moran. Here is a video presentation I recently made on Ambrose Moran:
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    We already have a Bishop

    I think some people are under the impression that Mr. Hernandez directly and explicitly called Fr. Hewko a "Trad Catholic of immaculate virtue". I am simply pointing out that this is not the case.