SS. Nabor and Felix, Martyrs

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    SS. Nabor and Felix, Martyrs

    THEY suffered at Milan under Maximian Herculeus about the year 304. Their bodies were first interred without the walls of the city, but afterwards brought into it, and deposited in a place where a church was built over their tomb, to which great multitudes of people resorted with wonderful devotion, as Paulinus testifies in his life of St. Ambrose.

    In the same church St. Ambrose discovered the relics of SS. Gervasius and Protasius, as himself relates in his letter to his sister Marcellina. The people continued to venerate the relics of SS. Nabor and Felix with the same ardour of devotion, as that holy doctor assures us. They are still honoured in the same church, which at present bears the name of St. Francis.