Prayer to be said on Good Friday for the Purgatory Souls

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  1. Here is a prayer to be said on Good Friday for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and can only be said on this day.

    Prayer for the deliverance of 33 souls from purgatory
    (to be recited on Good Friday)

    He who kneels and recites this prayer 33 times before the image of Christ crucified on Good Friday will have delivered 33 souls from Purgatory. (With Church approval)

    Little prayer before:
    Heart of Jesus in whom are found all the treasures of wisdom and scientific knowledge, have mercy on us!

    Good Friday Prayer
    I venerate you, O Holy Cross, carrying the sacred members of our Lord and reddened by His precious blood.
    I adore Thee, O my God, nailed to the Holy Cross for love of me.
    Jesus, I trust Thee.

    (This prayer is not limited to 33 times, it can be recited in multiples of 33 times, that is: 33, 66, 99, 132, etc...)
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    Where do you get this from St. E
  3. It comes from my Grandmother. It is very popular in French, it's found all over the internet in French. I forgot to mention that I translated it from French.
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    Thank you.
  5. You’re welcome!