Post-birth abortion?

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    Dear ......

    One of the awful side effects of abortion -- even ignoring the slaughter of unborn human life involved -- is the cavalier attitude it creates toward human life in general.

    So it should be no surprise to anyone when the so-called Journal of Medical Ethics, based in London, published a study advocating "post-birth abortion."

    I'm not making this up.

    These self-proclaimed "ethicists" (who I should point out have all already survived the womb themselves) actually argue that parents should be given a kind of "trial period" of unspecified time in which to change their mind and eliminate their baby.

    Now not surprisingly, a huge outcry of protest arose against this wholly barbaric proposal.

    Do you know how the authors defended their arguments?

    They simply applied the Planned Parenthood / National Abortion Rights Action League mantra.

    They argued that if you accept the abortionists' claim that what they do is ethical under any circumstance, then nothing really changes right after a baby is born.

    And you know . . . intellectually, they're right.

    If it really is OK to kill a child the month before his birth, or three months before birth, or by partial birth abortion, how do they make a distinction? Why is there any difference in killing one right AFTER birth?

    Killing is killing.

    Of course, given the obvious horror, I don't think it's necessary to argue why the advocates of "post-birth abortion" are wrong.

    But that is why it is vital that you and I do all we can to force Congress to vote on, and ultimately pass, the Life at Conception Act to reverse Roe V. Wade and ultimately end abortion-on-demand.

    For Life,
    Martin Fox, President
    National Pro-Life Alliance

    P.S. If you have a few minutes, I think you'll be inspired by the story of one of those people that the post-birth abortionists would do away with.

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