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    From Admin: "Being a new member Peter you may not be aware that the sedevacantism issue has been debated, done and dusted on Cor Mariae. If you go to this link you will see that it is not debatable subject as one does not debate Church doctrine/teaching.:). You will understand why this thread is now locked."

    I am seeking some further clarification on this issue. Is it wrong to debate Sedevacantists in the public forum online? My post was not an attempt to debate anyone here on this forum. It was simply to bring that here to try and get help in where I went wrong, and how and what I could have said better. I would have replied on that thread, but it is locked. I understand it being locked if someone was attempting to debate the sedevacatist position. That was not my intention. My intention was to strengthen my own position, so as not to fall into the temptation of error in the faith that so many are trying to claim as official church teaching. When I had left the Novus Ordo two years ago and searched online for answers it was the Sede position that drowned everything else out. (Acts Of Apostles 8:31) "Who said: And how can I, unless some man shew me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him."
    I even made several attempt to speak with the two local SSPX parishes. They were too busy to call a lost soul back or to unorganized. Whatever the excuse, it was probably better I did not speak to the priest under obedience to Bishop Fellay. I know now what he would have said about avoiding the sedevacantist errors against the faith.
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    "Is it wrong to debate Sedevacantists in the public forum online?"

    Your right sedevacantism is a leach, like protestantism, they both waste your time dancing with a "thesis" that has NO origin in the Catholic Church nor, of course, in Christ, the Head of the Church.

    Sedevacantism is a phony religion, one of the seven-headed beasts, and is not allowed to have footing on Cor-Mariae to tempt the weaker or ignorant.

    I believe what admin was trying to relate regarding sedevacantism was first: there is a prevalent atmosphere for this error drawn in the confusion within the Church, which the helm of Tradition (the SSPX) no longer speaks of this vice as a true vice, and is causing a vacuum of misunderstanding and ignorance. Sedevacantism, like any other revolution, is hostile and violent both in its teaching and its entity, which resulted at one time causing a split on this CM forum. Sedevacantism then no longer has an opportunity to raise its ugly head in any kind inviting its hostile debate. With that said, I can see by your recent comment that you were not trying to "debate" the issue here as much as your previous detailed narration on other foras seemed to offer us another fresh debate.

    What Cor-Mariae offer others instead is a series of principles and hardened tools from the wisdom of the Church to defend Her Order and Holiness. The link Admin provided is a good resource to pass to others; and to the honest, would end any such "debate". If it doesn't, it highlights an endless "debate" fruitful only for the devil to waste time. When truth is present, there is no debate...only to be patient to allow the recipient to absorb. In the apostolate, knowing the only obstacle to any revolutionary is not the doctrinal or moral aspect of the thing, it is the lifestyle of sin they hide not wanting an upright conscience.

    It is thus as you know, studying the Faith in a time of wanton ignorance in the world becomes more of a duty to save our own souls and to help others.

    I realize Facebook allows endless liberal and progressive thought equating as equal truth and error, here on Cor-Mariae the rules were made to be Catholic, evil is not tolerated. Allowing an endless energy of revolutionaries who refuse to know anything but purposely disrupt the peace, like the false resistance band does, has no rights.

    Our focus is on the Honor and Majesty of God keeping the Catholic Faith uncompromised. It's interesting in a world of "diversity" the True Catholic Faith is not tolerated. Well they have their idols, says our Lord, being true to His Father is the only road of fidelity and Salvation.
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    (Matthew 5:13) You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men.

    I completely understand why the evil principles of Sedevacantism are not allowed here. What would I have done if the past battle here had been lost to those teachings? I was not intending to bring in those errors in any way or give any room for them to grow. My intention was to show how easy it is to be destroyed by someone so new to all this as myself armed with the little I had studied in such a short time. It was an actual real argument with myself and another. I just edited out the persons name.

    It would be more prudent to find someone requesting the arguments, who is of greater understanding then myself who could train me in being a better and more efficient fighter. I have around 50 catholic friends online, who are not Novus Ordo, but are in the battle themselves. So far maybe around 5 of them understand the danger and know where to find the weapons. My goal is to change this unfortunate situation. Her Immaculate heart shall triumph in this task, if I can always keep Her in my mind and heart and go forth in the name of her Son.
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    This sums up what Cor Mariae is all about. We do not debate issues of doctrine/church teaching full stop. Our purpose is to promote the truths of our Catholic faith which are not up for discussion. [See Rule (iv)]. Indispensible to knowing our doctrine is prayer which permeates every facet of this forum. The Church, which is Christ on earth, has provided us with the language of communication with our heavenly Father through Christ and the intercession of Mary Immaculate to keep faithful Catholics free from error.

    The Faith itself has now become a personal opinion for countless Catholics depending on which priest one decides to follow.

    Dialogue has become the evil of our day. It is so easy for good souls to be distracted from the narrow Highway into tempting sidetracks that endlessly lead to nowhere.

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    St. Thomas Aquinas chapter 2 “To proceed against individual errors, however, is a difficult business, and this for two reasons. In the first place, it is difficult because the sacrilegious remarks of individual men who have erred are not so well known to us so that we may use what they say as the basis of proceeding to a refutation of their errors. This is, indeed, the method that the ancient Doctors of the Church used in the refutation of the errors of the Gentiles. For they could know the positions taken by the Gentiles since they themselves had been Gentiles, or at least had lived among the Gentiles and had been instructed in their teaching.
    In the second place, it is difficult because some of them, such as the Mohammedans and the pagans, do not agree with us in accepting the authority of any Scripture, by which they may be convinced of their error. Thus, against the Jews we are able to argue by means of the Old Testament, while against heretics we are able to argue by means of the New Testament. But the Muslims and the pagans accept neither the one nor the other. We must, therefore, have recourse to the natural reason, to which all men are forced to give their assent. However, it is true, in divine matters the natural reason has its failings.

    Now, while we are investigating some given truth, we shall also show what errors are set aside by it; and we shall likewise show how the truth that we come to know by demonstration is in accord with the Christian religion.”



    translated by
    Anton C. Pegis